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Hemp Activist Arrested Near White House

  1. salgoud
    The Plant Is a Raw Material, Not Pot, Head of Soap Company says.

    David Bronner locked himself in a metal cage Monday outside the White House with a stash of hemp plants and equipment, hoping to make enough hemp oil to spread on a piece of French bread.

    Bronner, president and chief executive of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, never got to finish the oil-pressing process or to have his usual breakfast.

    D.C. police and firefighters used a chain saw to cut open the steel cage door and arrest him. Bronner was charged with possession of marijuana and blocking passage.

    Bronner, whose California based company uses hemp oil in its soap products, pleaded with President Obama – via microphone – to allow hemp harvesting in the United States.

    Bronner was moved to protest after a recent 28,000-signature petition asking for hemp legalization didn’t get the response he wanted, according to his spokesman, Ryan Fletcher.

    The protest began at 8 a.m., when Bronner and his caged trailer were dropped off on H Street NW next to Lafayette Square. Park police and Secret Service members joined D.C. police and fire officials, who worked for a couple of hours to open the cage.

    Bronner had designed the trailer so it could not easily be broken into or towed away by police, Fletcher said.

    Atop the trailer was a sign that read, “DEAR MR. PRESIDENT. LET U.S. FARMERS GROW HEMP!”

    Bronner’s actions prompted police to shut down traffic around 16th and H streets at about 10:30 a.m.

    U.S. drug law defines hemp as a controlled substance, the same as marijuana, making the plants inside Bronner’s trailer illegal. Live hemp seeds may not be imported into the country, and hemp may not be grown. However, hemp-derived food, textiles and other products may be imported or produced in the United States from non-living hemp material.

    Bronner says that lab tests confirm the THC level in his hemp plants is less than 0.3 percent, the international standard for industrial hemp. THC is the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana, where it is much more concentrated.

    “We import roughly $100,000 a year of hemp oil from Canada,” Fletcher said. “He’s doing this action in part because he wants to be able to source that hemp oil from American farmers, rather than exporting his dollars to Canada.”

    Last week, Sen. Ron Wyden ( D-Ore. ) introduced a measure that would label hemp as an agricultural crop. The amendment was backed by Sen. Rand Paul ( R-Ky. ).

    Monday’s protest was not Bronner’s first action to promote hemp cultivation in the United States. In 2009, Bronner and others planted hemp seeds on the front lawn of the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum and Visitors Center in Arlington. They were arrested and charged with trespassing.

    Bronner’s grandfather, E.H. Bronner, founded Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in 1948. The company produces some of the top-selling organic soaps in the country.

    Reporter: The Cannabis News on June 14, 2012

    Source: Washington Post (DC) http://www.cannabisnews.org/hemp-activist-arrested-near-white-house/2012/06/14


  1. salgoud
    I can't understand why hemp at a THC concentration of (0.3%) cannot be grown by farmers. It is a cash crop and one can make hemp oil (which will run a diesel engine), rope, clothes, all from a weed, that will grow anywhere in the United States, except perhaps Alaska.

    This really pisses me off, because hemp farms create jobs, would help the farmers by giving them another cash crop, and you can't really get high off it.

    The male plants are grown, and the female ones plucked and incinerated. In fact, I'm sure they could genetically alter (in fact they probably already have) the seeds to be predominately male plants. Hemp to me is different than marijuana. Yes, it is the male plant of marijuana, but once it grows to maturity it is hemp.

    George Washington grew it and Thomas Jefferson, our founding fathers. I will research this, I'm sure they have already altered the genetics where at least 90% of the seeds would be male.

    I'll research this, I'm sure they have reached this ability in agriculture.

  2. godztear
    Here is a post related to your research, Israeli scientists develop marijuana strain without the high

    My theory behind farmers not being able to grow very low concentration marijuana thus far in the United States is because it would be hard to make sure that farmers were not sneaking potent crops amongst their vast fields of industrial hemp. It is already hard enough for the cops to keep good marijuana out of corn and trees.
  3. salgoud
    I read the whole thread, and one post stood out. The one about perhaps the Israili's have developed a small bushy hemp plant that is unlike the tall males hemp plant for industrial production.

    When your talking about farmers sneaking potent crops amongst the vast fields of industrial hemp, I think about the farmers of Tasmania which grow poppies with a high content of thebaine and codeine, but a low concentration of morphine. Australian farmers are growing poppies also. I'm sure if they find you are illegally growing poppies for heroin production, would a farmer want to forfeit his entire farm, land and livelyhood? I would think not.

    They same could happen in the U.S., regular checks of marijuana fields to make sure nother illegal is going on, like they do in Southern Australia and Tasmania.

    All one would have to do is genetically alter the hemp plant to reproduce a male dominating species.

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