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  1. Alfa

    Hemp is now for sale at general stores throughout NSW. It comes in the
    form of a drink.

    The drink is not actually made from hemp, but features marijuana
    leaves on the label and contains large amounts of caffeine.

    The Opposition's Fair Trading spokeswoman, Katrina Hodgkinson MP,
    believes the drink is promoting illicit drugs to teenagers.

    "The selling of this drink with the marijuana leaves on the front is
    like saying it is okay to have hemp, so it's okay to use marijuana,"
    Ms Hodgkinson said.

    "The labelling of this high-caffeine drink is obviously aimed at young
    teenagers. The association of this drink with an illegal drug is

    Ms Hodgkinson brought the drink to Minister for Fair Trading Reba
    Meagher's attention, who has said she would refer it to the Department
    of Fair Trading for advice as she was not aware of its existence.

    The drink is also high in caffeine and Ms Hodgkinson said it was hard
    to read warnings in small print about the recommended amount to
    consume and who should not drink it.

    Ms Hodgkinson first discovered the drink when she walked into a corner
    shop, where it was on sale for $3 a bottle. The drink is imported from
    New Zealand.


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