Her Lover

  1. AmbitiousStoner
    Her Lover

    Unsteadied without her lover nearby, she greets the day determined to be enveloped by his warmth. Few have touched her in as satisfying of a manner; she’s come to rely upon his touch simply to get through each day. A duality of emotions flood her. Her unwillingness to start the day without him is overshadowed by her motivation to seek him out. The blissful seduction of their co-dependence fuels her desire to continue their relationship forever.

    Returning home, her lover is with her as they prepare for the rapturous day that lay before them. Her eyes gaze lovingly at him. The perpetual longing for him has been replaced by a focused giddiness. Her mind shifts momentarily to a time when she didn’t require his nurturance, a time so long ago. Quickly, though, her thoughts return to the task at hand. She craves for him to be inside of her and resumes preparing for the day’s events. Her appetite must be whetted. The plunger depressed, the listless tranquility fills her as she feels her lover coursing through her body before drifting into a soporific euphoria.

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