here's why getting loaded sucks

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    up and down , never consistant , one mile you're feeling confindent and smart, then the other times it makes you depressed, lazy , dumb. all because it is illegal therefor inconsistant and expensive.
    they have fucked us over and over again.

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  1. old hippie 56
    but after a thousands miles, wishing the feeling would just go away and sleep would come.
  2. Junket
    get loaded in moderation..

    you have higher highs.. and less lows..

    good post though
  3. beentheredonethatagain
    they want to make money and not care who it alters.

    a lot of crappy stuffing the junket turdkey right now.

    poisions to the soul. I cant believe this is being boughtsold in the hillsides of America the Beautiful.

    Nothing close to the realdeal .

    think think think pray pray pray
  4. Nature Boy
    To be honest, I thought you were talking about alcohol until you mentioned the illegal part. But yes, the inconsistencies and expense of illegal drugs are a nuisance.
  5. old hippie 56
    Back when booze was illegal, a gallon a moonshine turned into 3 or 4 gallons. The bootleggers of yesterday and the dope dealers of today got one thing on their mind, that is making as much money as possible. Because they know time is their enemy.
  6. beentheredonethatagain
    dealers play that shell game, one time good and then they step on it , and tell you its the same , and everybody else loves it, they will invent stories of how it was the bottom of the barrel , or they got it from a new source , all to get them off the hook for a fucked deal.

    Why even bother to ask them the same question , we all ask them " is it good? "

    they have never said " no its bunk , how much ya need?"

    but this is what I gathered from a dream many moons ago or was it?
  7. Junket
    a lot of crappy stuffing the junket turdkey right now

    what does this mean????
  8. e_choco_o
    isnt it just a indica/sativa issue?
  9. sylenth
    agreed man, it can really get to swimmers. smurfs are battling with the same thing for ages now & have been feeling they outgrowing drugs cos it's just not worth it any more! honest opinion is it's over. fortunetly & unfortunetly the minds of the swimmers have been shown the good stuff & now nothing really does it any more cos of high standards that were built up & expected.

    all the noobs using drugs nowadays are fine cos they do'nt know any better... at least we got to experience it when it was pretty gooooood. unfortunetly that ship has sailed.
  10. Lightbulb-breaking
    Alot of crazy shit ends up in illegal drugs, some of the stuff that ends up in them are so ridiculous you wonder what the fuck. Swim's friend cleaned his heroin and out of curiousity did some testing on the shit that got washed out. There were several things but what stood out the most was Copper (II) Sulfate at which point you wonder how the fuck that happens. But seriously, at least with perscription drugs they are consistent and clean and with illegal drugs it's not too hard to clean them.
    Transcend the bullshit, clean your drugs.
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