Heroin arrests at motel net mother and son

By chillinwill · Oct 25, 2008 ·
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    Bloomington police have arrested three people on drug charges related to the selling of heroin after discovering them hiding out at a Martinsville motel.

    Marilyn K. Grimes, 53, faces preliminary charges of dealing a narcotic drug as a B-felony. She was also wanted on a warrant for dealing in a narcotic drug. She also faces a preliminary charge in Morgan County of possession of heroin with intent to deal as a Class-A felony.

    James A. Fender, 30, faces a preliminary charge of dealing a narcotic drug as a B-felony.

    Bryan D. Garrett, 49, of Poland, faces a preliminary charge in Morgan County for assisting a criminal and maintaining a common nuisance.

    According to police, Fender is Grimes’ son.

    Bloomington Police Detective Bill Jeffers began an investigation into Grimes in December 2007 after receiving a tip that she was receiving shipments of heroin from Arizona through the mail to her home in the 5000 block of North Lakeview Drive, Bloomington.

    Jeffers worked with U.S. Postal inspectors and the Drug Enforcement Administration to intercept the next package. When the next package was shipped, it was diverted to postal inspectors who informed Grimes she needed to pick it up at the downtown Bloomington U.S. Postal Service office.

    Police said Grimes picked up the package. Police said Grimes threw the package into the bushes as officers approached her outside the post office. Police interviewed Grimes and released her pending analysis of the package and testing of the substance inside. A lab determined the package contained approximately 10 grams of heroin.

    Bloomington Police Detective Cody Forston also started an investigation into Grimes in May related to heroin. Police said multiple controlled buys of heroin were made from Grimes’ home on Lakeview Drive. Forston also began investigating Fender at the same time after multiple controlled buys from the home he shared with his mother, police said.

    Police said mother and son disappeared for about a month with police looking for them. Police received information that the duo was hiding in a motel in another city and that another person was bringing things to them so they didn’t need to leave the room.

    According to police, the motel room was registered to Garrett, who was also helping the two.

    On Tuesday, Det. Forston saw Garrett and began surveillance on him. After following Garrett around Bloomington for several hours, Forston followed the suspect to Martinsville. Police said Garrett made several turns before stopping at the Royal Motel, located on Indiana 67 at the intersection of the Indiana 39 Bypass.

    Police said they spoke to the desk clerk who identified Grimes and Fender as two people staying at the motel. A search warrant was obtained and served just after midnight on Wednesday with help from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department.

    Police said Grimes flushed a plastic baggie down the toilet as officers entered the motel room. Also found in the room were drug paraphernalia, scales and about $2,000 in cash. Police also found about an ounce of heroin locked in a safe in the room with the key to the safe in Grimes’ pocket. Estimated street value for the heroin was put at $10,000.

    Grimes and Fender were brought back and booked into the Monroe County Jail. Garrett was booked into the Morgan County Jail.

    Source: http://www.reporter-times.com/stories/2008/10/24/news.qp-8394890.sto

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