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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Heroin Hidden Among Threads

    Drug couriers continue to adopt new tricks to outwit security personnel, particularly at the Kotoka International Airport in their drug business.

    The latest is the discovery of 10 kilogrammes of narcotic substances (heroin) concealed in seven boxes of sewing thread from Tehran, Iran.
    To perform the trick, the couriers first unwind the entire threat on the spindle, attached the heroin on the spindle, attached the heroin on the spindle before spinning the threads on them.

    The head of Operations of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), Christian Dickson Akatsa, said following intelligence report of suspected narcotic goods that arrived at Aviance cargo section, a team of NACOB operatives went and conducted thorough search on Tuesday.

    He said the goods arrived in the country on March 4, this year and bore the name and address of one Nmerika Enoch, 41, a Nigerian woman. Incidentally, Mr. Akatsa said, the origin of the drugs, from one Jahan Seir Ofogh, Tehran, Iran and addressed to Ms Enoch, the supposed recipient, was the same address on a metallic consignment that had already been intercepted by NACOB at the cargo section on March 3, loaded with whitish substances suspected to be cocaine.

    Mr. Akatsa said, Ms. Enoch was arrested when she arrived at Aviance to clear the goods. She was consequently interrogated and put before court and remand to the Nsawam Medium Security prisons. Mr. Akatsa said realizing that the address bore her name, she was brought down from prisons to identify the goods and assist in investigations but she denied ownership of the goods.

    He said investigations were still underway to get to the bottom of the case. In a related development, Mr. Akatsa said a 37-year-old Nigeria, Onwuka Eke, was arrested at Kotoka International Airport on May 7, for swallowing 85 pellets of whitish substances suspected to be cocaine. He has been remanded in prison custody.

    Mr. Akatsa said when Eke was interrogated he claimed the goods were given to him by somebody from Sao Paolo, Brazil, to be given to somebody in Ghana. He, however, could not give the name of the recipient.

    Mr. Akatsa said initially when Eke was interrogated, he claimed he had swallowed 79 pellets but when he was put under observation, he expelled 85 pellets.

    He noted that NACOB was firmly on the ground to deal decisively with drug couriers and barons who attempt to use the country as conduit to their trade.

    Source: The Ghanaian Times
    Date: 15-May-2010



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