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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Heroin-in-carpet smugglers jailed
    Two men who smuggled £500,000 worth of heroin into the UK in carpets have been jailed at Bradford Crown Court.

    Anser Mahmood, 42, of Hollings Road, Bradford, was sentenced to 12 years and Hamid Khan, 31, of Burnside, Burnley, was given 11 years.
    Mahmood was found guilty after a trial and Khan pleaded guilty in July.
    The men were arrested in April 2008 after customs officers at Heathrow Airport found heroin in carpets destined for an address in Bradford.
    Mahmood was arrested by West Yorkshire Police on 22 April in Bradford when officers carried out a "controlled delivery" of the carpets.
    Packages intercepted
    Further investigations led to Khan being arrested three days later in Burnley.
    During April and May 2008 a total of four packages were intercepted as they entered the country, from which a total of 10.5kg of heroin was seized.
    Det Insp Pete Darbyshire, of West Yorkshire Police, said: "We welcome the sentences passed today and hope they send out a strong message that the importation of drugs into West Yorkshire will not be tolerated.
    "The methods of concealment used to import the heroin were very sophisticated and involved a great deal of organisation.
    "However, thanks to the vigilance of those who monitor what enters the country, the drugs were taken out of circulation and the conspirators' plan was thwarted."

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