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  1. Guttz
    Heroin in fruit shipment

    DUBAI (Abu Dhabi) - ABU Dhabi police have seized 15.5 kilograms of heroin and arrested two Afghans and a Pakistani who tried to sell the drugs to an undercover officer, newspapers reported on Monday.

    The officer made a deal to buy the drugs from the three for 960,000 dirhams (S$366, 138), but arrested them instead, Gulf News quoted Abu Dhabi police Colonel Hamad Ahmad al-Hamadi as saying.

    The Khaleej Times reported that an Afghan man, 27, and two Pakistanis aged 22 and 31 brought the drugs from another emirate concealed in a shipment of fruit.

    In a similar case, Abu Dhabi police seized 16 kilograms of heroin in an undercover operation in early June and arrested a Pakistani and an Afghan, The National newspaper reported.

    The pair, along with two other Afghans who fled and were tried in absentia, were sentenced to death by an Abu Dhabi court on June 7, the newspaper said.

    Another man was sentenced to death in a separate case that day by the same court in Abu Dhabi, for offering to sell heroin to undercover police in Sharjah, another of the UAE's seven emirates. -- AFP



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