Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Justice)

By Alfa · Jun 4, 2008 · Updated Jun 4, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Wednesday, 4 June 2008

    Kurd Hüseyin Baybasin brings new evidence to the court, that would prove that the highest Dutch official in the ministry of Justice is corrupt and helped to produce false evidence against the alleged heroin Kingpin.

    This case is specifically interesting, because it goes all the way to the top of the Dutch Justice system. Incriminating the highest Justice official of child abuse and planting evidence. This may be the case that brings down the Dutch government.
    Drugs-Forum reports from Amsterdam.

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    Joris Demmink, secretary-general of the ministry of Justice.

    Hüseyin Baybasin, a Kurd convicted in The Netherlands to life sentence, wants to force a criminal investigation against the highest official of the Dutch Ministry of Justice. The Secretary-General is said to be implicated in the producing of false evidence and to be guilty of abusing young boys in Turkey and other countries. It is not the first time that Demmink has been accused of child abuse. A case in Prague has been dismissed.

    Attorney Adéle van der Plas, is one of the most
    respected lawyers in The Netherlands.
    She specialises in drug related criminal law.

    According to attorney Adéle van der Plas, Baybasin is a well respected Kurd that has posed a real political threat to the Turkish government. Baybasin would have information about important Turkish politicians to be implicated in large scale heroin transports. The Turkish government would need Baybasin to be silenced and Secretary-General Demmink was the solution for this.

    Demmink was vulnerable to blackmail due to his activity as a child abuser and therefore helped produce evidence to convict the Kurd for heroin trade and ordering a murder. Secretary-General Demmink would have helped to manipulate telephone recordings that where the basis for the conviction of Baybasin. In 2002, the Kurd was sentenced to life in prison.

    Justice's uncontrollable cover-up
    The Turkish secret service did publish a rapport which stated that the evidence had been tampered with and that the Secretary-General was blackmailed. Van der Plas her own investigation has delivered new evidence against Secretary-General Demmink. Former police chief has led the investigation, which yielded more proof of manipulation of phone tap recordings.

    Further there are video testimonials of a abused young boy, of a former police chief in Istanbul (Turkey) and a Turkish crime reporter that dug into the case. They would all be willing to testify, if the Dutch courts are willing to begin the trial. So far, the Dutch courts are evading a trial. Van der Plas calls it 'an uncontrollable cover-up culture'.

    The ministry of Justice insinuates that the evidence is false. A trial may start in September 2008.

    A Drugs-Forum report.

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  1. Panthers007
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    How did he get into his position in the Dutch government? Was he appointed? If so - by whom? Which party was calling the shots?
  2. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Joris Demmink has been working on top positions within Justice and police since 1982. In 2002 he got his promotion to Secretary-General. There have been several investigative reporters that publicised on the involvement of this man with sexual child abuse, dating back to 1995. In all cases the reporters have been silenced and have agreed not to talk about it anymore. So far Secretary-General Joris Demmink has been well protected by his only superior: the minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin as did the former minister of Justice . Both Christian-Democrats. Hirsch Ballin is one of the most influential people in the Dutch government.

    I find it amazing that this story has not reached the international press.
  3. Woodman
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    There should be justice, but Bill clinton got blowjobs by exploiting a fat chick with an insecurity complex who was young enough to be his DAUGHTER; an incident which was deflected largely by simple-minded (Democrat) partizan loyalist who were (and probably still are) little more than useful idiots.


    I can only hope that the Dutch people will have some greater measure of acuity in considering the political fallout from sexual indiscretions of high officials in their own government.

    Perhaps the UN could intervene and arrange for Bill Clinton to visit The Netherlands in support of Secretary-General Demmink.

    I'm sure THAT P/R campaign would have great impact.
  4. RaverHippie
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Found no mention in american news sites so far. hell even google brought up nothing when searching for news articles containing "Joris Demmink"
  5. FuBai
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    So long as he was appointed by and protected by the Christian-Democrats I think we can all say "Whoop!"*. What is far more worrying is that it doesn't seem to be reported on international news sites or, indeed, mainstream dutch news sites (although this could simply be because of the way I am searching and the fact I speak no Dutch).

    *not about the child abuse...it should be pretty obvious as to what I'm whooping about
  6. Swift Serenity
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    yea it is haha, funny. and raver hippie is right. NOTHING is on the american news
  7. Panthers007
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    If it did crawl into the US media, it might serve to cause the American citizens to question the integrity of their "moralistic crusader" leaders. And a day rarely goes by that we don't hear a story - rapidly squelched - about some right-wing church-deacon with his dick up the ass of some 10 year old kid.
  8. MrG
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Great story Alfa and one that is desperately needed to derail the christian right train which, according to your reports, appears to be heading back into the dark ages.

    As for it featuring in a yank news report, I don't see how it could. It doesn't involve anything happening at their world centre, it puts their friends (the christian right AND the Turkish government) in a bad light and, what's more, it can't make them feel good about themselves.
  9. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Not really. The murders that Baybasin was convicted for took place in the US. US intelligence officers state that there is no warrant nor suspicion upon Baybasin for these murders and call the Dutch 'suspicions' "far fetched". So there is a direct relation to the USA and to FBI officials.
  10. purplehaze
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Intelligence... We have those? Isn't that an oxymoron.

    Big :thumbsup: Alfa I really enjoyed reading this.

    It's like, we needed a good news article and instead of reporting on shit like the normal media does, we actually have a good story.
  11. roni
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    One should be very careful with the allegations of Huseyin Baybasin. The reason is simple. He has been trying very hard to overturn his life sentence and for which he has spent millions already. He has been known to spent generous amounts of money to buy witnesses including third rate journalists, retired police officers etc. He has a life time habit of making false allegations.

    Firstly, He is not a Kurd who has problems with the Turkish authorities. With his own admission he is running businesses (a marble, stone and pipe factory, a TV station and some other businesses in Istanbul and Diyarbakir) from his prison cell in Netherland. Secondly, his representatives recently posted several comments by him to the youtube site, in which he was praising the Turkish Authorities and declaring his loyalty to the Turkish State. He even protested the Kurdish politicians for not declaring PKK ( Kurdish Workers Party) as terrorist and declared his support for the AKP, the ruling party. Moreover, he is keen on going back to Turkey for serving his sentence there but, the Turkish Authorities does not want him!

    Huseyin Baybasin has always been an inconsistent witness. In the past he made himself an enemy of the the Turkish State by making all kind of allegations including drug dealing by the state officials and now, he does not want to remember any of these allegations. He was given status in the UK by the Tory government in 1994-95 in the hope that he was to disclose drug trade through the Turkish Embassy officials in London and at the end, his allegations did not produce a single arrest at all. In short he is not a reliable witness at all.
  12. Panthers007
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Great. A polished liar who has no problem in guessing (rightly) which chess piece to move across the board for an effect of a positive outcome to his own cause. The nice thing about this sort of liar is that two (or a million) can play his game. Perhaps the best approach with him would be to tell the media exactly what he is about to say - before he says it. Then if he switches channels to remove the aura of speculation, he would have to move in a direction exactly opposite of his previous moves.

  13. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Well that's something that the court should decide on. What I hear is that the new evidence is pretty solid.

    But you are right that allegations like this are very sensitive. But since there already are judicial steps taken and that this is not the first time that Demmink is under fire for this, there might be truth in this.
  14. Panthers007
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Always hope for a straight-forward judicial response. But be prepared to line up your ducks for a little good ol' Public Outcry. Judges can be bought. Public opinion, swayed with facts and history, can be much harder to change.

    I hope the system works. But, as a citizen of the USA, I am trained to expect the worst and prepare.
  15. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Very true. Well since the evidence against the secretary general was gathered by the retired police chief, it will be a mess one way or the other.
  16. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Members of parliament have now asked questions about this, as this case is evolving and two witnesses have filed complaints, as they claim to have been abused by the Dutch secretary general.
  17. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    Pressure Mounts for the Arrest of Dutch Justice Ministry Secretary-General Joris Demmink on Child Rape Claims

    As Dutch Government Coalition Talks Begin, Another U.S. Congressman and a Leading Human Rights Organization Press Both U.S. and Turkish Authorities for Answers on Alleged Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse Complaints Against Demmink

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is being released by Global Strategic Communications Group:

    Following on the heels of U.S. Representatives Joseph Pitts (R-PA), Frank Wolf (R-VA), and Chris Smith (R-NJ) investigating allegations of child rape by Dutch Justice Ministry Secretary-General Joris Demmink, further calls for answers on Demmink's actions have come from a leading human rights organization and a Member of the U.S. House Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee. These latest calls for investigations into complaints against Demmink along with the previous Congressional letter to European Union Chairman of the Transatlantic Legislators' Dialogue Steering Committee voicing concerns that Mr. Demmink has used "his position to obstruct efforts to file complaints against him, and used investigations as a way to deter his accusers" could complicate coalition talks following Holland's recent parliamentary election.

    Writing in The Washington Times, Kwame Fosu, policy director for the Rebecca Project for Human Rights, has called on the U.S. Congress to further investigate claims against Demmink. "Since 1998 Joris Demmink has been the subject of thwarted investigations that have failed to proceed to prosecution for sexual exploitation and sex tourism. It is not a coincidence that the investigations for sex trafficking and sex abuse by Demmink are abruptly ended, as these investigations are under the jurisdiction of the perpetrator himself, in his capacity as the Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice," writes Fosu. "The Rebecca Project for Human Rights and members of the coalition against the actions of Secretary General Demmink urge Members of Congress to hold oversight hearings. We ask members of Congress both Democrat and Republican to put aside partisanship to urge both Turkey and the Netherlands to listen to their own law enforcement officers and seek justice for the victims. Furthermore we ask that the House of Representatives pass a resolution barring Mr. Demmink from entering the U.S. until a fair and transparent investigation and trial is conducted into his actions toward children."

    In his commentary, Fosu references separate alleged child rape attacks perpetrated by Joris Demmink in both the Netherlands and Turkey. Peter Hannaford, a long-time senior advisor to President Ronald Reagan, also cited a report in a June 2012 American Spectator commentary, from Adele van der Plas, Dutch attorney for two boys, then 12 and 16 years old, who claim that in Turkey in the 1990s Demmink sexually assaulted them, among "numerous" other young victims: "She says that one victim was 12 at the time he was brought by a police officer to Demmink's chambers, where he was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Demmink. Another boy was 14 at the time he was brought to Demmink and assaulted. Recently, a third child victim, a Turkish boy, has come forward."

    In his letter to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, just two days following Holland's parliamentary election which will require lengthy coalition talks to form a new Dutch government, U.S. Representative Ted Poe raises questions about an alleged agreement made between Demmink and the Turkish government in the mid-1990's to cover up child sex abuse complaints against Demmink. "Investigations into this matter reportedly have found that Turkish police officers provided Mr. Demmink with minor boys during his visits to Turkey in the 1990s. According to law enforcement officers in Turkey and the Netherlands, Mr. Demmink used the power of his position to obstruct efforts to file complaints against him and used investigations as a way to deter his accusers," wrote Representative Poe in the letter to the Turkish Prime Minister. "These allegations of crimes committed in Turkey and the Netherlands are serious and deeply concerning. Two Turkish citizens have brought suit against Demmink for allegedly sexually assaulting them in the 1990s in Turkey when they were 14 and 12 years old, and, the suit claims, "numerous" other Turkish boys were victimized. A third alleged victim has also since come forward."

    Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a co-founder of the Congressional Victims' Rights Caucus and a member of the Congressional Caucus on Turkey and Turkish Americans.

    Kwame Fosu is the Policy Director for the Rebecca Project for Human Rights in Washington, D.C.

    The Washington Times: "Pedophilia should be a zero-tolerance crime": http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/sep/14/fosu-pedophilia-should-be-zero-tolerance-crime/

    A copy of Congressman Ted Poe's letter to Prime Minister of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan may be found here: http://arrestdemmink.com/downloads/Juris_Demmink_Letter_to_PM_Erdogan_Poe.pdf

    The letter from U.S. Representatives Pitts, Wolf, and Smith to Chairman Christian Ehler is available here: http://arrestdemmink.com/downloads/Letter_to_Christian_Ehler_re_Joris_Demmink.pdf

    SOURCE Global Strategic Communications Group

    PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1nV5G)

    This video says it all basically: http://arrestdemmink.com/
  18. MrG
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    This has been ongoing now for so long, there has to be progress made eventually.

    It's possible that Demmink has collaborators who have played their part in covering up the facts. Perhaps prosecutors should focus on who they might be and whether they, too, have something to hide. It wouldn't take much of a push to make these sorts of scumbags squeal in order to divert attention away from them own culpability.
  19. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    The Dutch justice system and the Dutch political system will not give an inch on this matter. Change can only come by severe media pressure. In essence this is way bigger than DSK, but the media is quiet.
  20. Alfa
    Re: Heroin 'Kingpin' proves corruption & child abuse of Dutch Secretary-General (Just

    It seems that this old case is becoming ever more relevant. Today the two protectors of former secretary general Demmink resigned from their posts in the Dutch government: The minister of Justice Opstelten and the state secretary Teeven.

    One of the most prominent lawyers in the Netherlands Spong mentioned on national television today that there are a number sigbnificant court cases coming against justice and against Demmink. It seems to me that these cases would have made the position of Opstelten and Teeven even more difficult.

    Both have so far run a very repressive policy towards drugs. Opstelten is responsible for the law against hydrophonic stores and has also been blocking experiments with legal cultivation of cannabis. Teeven is responsible for the ban on magic mushrooms. Their resignation may have a positive effect on Dutch drug policy.
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