Heroin seized in west Dublin raid

By D.U.M.B · Oct 25, 2006 · ·
  1. D.U.M.B
    Taken from RTE News http://www.rte.ie/news/2006/1024/drugs1.html

    Up to 30kg of heroin and a substantial quantity of cannabis have been seized in a raid in Dublin.

    Gardaí searched an apartment in Clondalkin at around 8pm this evening.

    A machine gun and a quantity of ammunition were found during the raid and it is thought the drugs seized may be worth as much as €6 million.

    The apartment has been sealed off pending the arrival of a garda forensic team.

    [I will update this with more information as soon as possible]

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  1. Abrad
    Heroin seizure is biggest in State's history

    A massive drugs bust in Ireland has turned up probably the largest single seizure of heroin in the history of the State, a top officer said today.

    Sea ports and airports have been notified of the identities of two suspects who fled an apartment in west Dublin where Garda officers recovered drugs valued at between €12m and €15m.

    Uniformed officers carrying out the raid were shocked at the magnitude of last night’s find, which included a Heckler and Koch sub-machine gun, a silencer, thousands of rounds of ammunition and magazines for machine pistols.
    Detective Superintendent PJ Browne said: “This is huge. It would be the most significant seizure, probably in the history of the State, in any one place for heroin.”

    He added: “I should hope organised crime gangs that would have brought this into the country have received a serious dent.”
  2. D.U.M.B
    Thanks for updating. All the reports I've read or heard seem to be stating a different street value but this is still a major bust

    53kg of heroin along with 25kg of herbal cannabis is what was found apparently

    Also just to add Figures out today from the Central Statistics Office show that on average six drug offences were committed every day during the past three months (July,August and Sept). Thats a rise of 25% for the same period last year
  3. Abrad
    This story seems to be getting lots of coverage, with our friend Mr. McDowell claiming that recreational drug users "have blood on their hands":rolleyes:.
    And the gardai are of course notorious for exagerating the value of seizures.
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