Heroin should be free for addicts

By RoboCodeine7610 · Dec 3, 2008 · ·
  1. RoboCodeine7610

    Swiss Policy On Heroin Shows Realistic Response To Desperate Problem

    Sir, You report in detail that Switzerland has made access to heroin free to registered users ( Thunderer, Dec 1 ).

    We have suffered the death of a son who was a heroin addict and have come face to face with its lasting damaging effects. His condition both mentally and physically, together with the family distress that his addiction caused, could have been dealt with more effectively had heroin addiction been declared and treated as a "notifiable" disease. It is suggested that control of cultivation and supply by agencies such as the UN, the World Health Organisation or Nato might place society in a better position to deal with this as a notifiable disease. Might we see a truce in Afghanistan?

    The massive support ( 69 per cent ) shown by the Swiss referendum to provide free heroin to addicts is a mature and realistic response in how to deal with a desperate problem. The 60 per cent reduction in heroin-related crimes alone in Switzerland should encourage our society to follow its example.

    One significant long-term benefit that may emerge from this approach will be that by making heroin addiction a notifiable disease and publicising it as such, we may see a long-term decline in addiction rates for this drug. Anything that deglorifies this habit in the eyes of children has got to be an improvement in how we are currently dealing with it. Let's remove the tawdry "street market" attraction for heroin addiction and place it in the hands of the medical profession.


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  1. Tweak92
    Most of the health effects caused by street heroin is the adulterants,lack of sterile needles and overall hygene.If they just handed out medical grade heroin and clean neddles to addicts a lot of lives would be saved.
  2. dazedandconfused44
    theres no way these guys can give out medical grade heroin without regulating the dose, if you just give them pure shit they will overdose.

    street heroin can range from 5% to 60%, very uncommon to see higher numbers when only acquiring small quantities. even at these purities, overdosing is not hard. shoot wisely lol...
  3. Hyperspaceblastoff
    it shouldnt b free
    it should just b pure
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