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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Heroin use up among teens

    MEDFORD, Ore. - Heroin use among teens has doubled in the past two years, according to national statistics.

    Medford Police say more teens are turning to Oxycontin and heroin. Addictions councilors say they used to deal mostly with meth, marijuana or alcohol problems, but the drug of choice is rapidly shifting.

    "A lot of people have it. I think its easier to get pills then alcohol these days," 18-year-old Brandon Blender said.

    "It'll completely change your kid if they're doing drugs. I was doing great in school, and I quit trying, I had a negative attitude, never talked, was isolated," 17-year-old Eric Everett said.

    Teens say they typically start drinking or smoking weed and then move to Oxycontin. Heroin has become popular because its cheaper then Oxycontin and provides a more intense high.

    The best way to detect drug use in your teen is to watch for warning signs. Those include a change in attitude, friends, issues at school and the desire to be more isolated.

    By Andrea Pettes

    November 18, 2009


    The main story is actually the news report footage on the sight- can't seem to find a way to download it for the archives.


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