Heyy!! Gimmme Some chewing gum dammit!!

By Alicia · Jul 8, 2012 · ·
  1. Alicia
    HEYYY !!Not normally a stimulant girly but having fun none the less i just wish i had some chewing gum as i keep chewing for some reason its not ruining the experience but its there.

    Ohhh yes your wondering what it is. Well its important to know im not a stimulant person normally as even coffee make me go into a weird shitty mood sometimes specially cocaine stimulants have been known to trigger episodes with me. But i was curious about this ethylphenidate as do, I read alot about it. while listening to the warnings that i should stay away from stimulants due to how they effect my mentality from my partner and hes right ive done some messed up things with cocaine.

    so recorded time.
    started small and wooo

    But not ethylphenidate (spelling sorry folks,wired) its just makes me happy. which i dont normally get on stimulants its hard to describe i feel warm yet wide awake everything is happy but not irritable and streched. I started off snorting a small amount to work my way into the experince i was expecting the classic heart race but there was nothing apart from my damm teeth chewing invisisble food i must of snorted 5 lines each roughly 45-50 mgs..

    Partner fell a sleep earlier as he had to do things the next morning so here i am typing and wired without any idea on how sleep could come about. Maybe i'll pull all nighter. I just wish i had something to chew. It does'nt help that im horny as hell and refuse to wake partner up..... Sorry randon rant OVER

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  1. Alicia
    Oh my god I wrote this?! Eep!
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