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  1. nightplant

    A GIRL of 14 high on meow meow punched and BIT two cops trying to take her to hospital.

    Paramedics had been called to help the teen when she went berserk after taking the drug, also called mephedrone.
    But the crew radioed for police back-up when they realised the girl was out of control at the house in Crawley, West Sussex, early last Friday.

    Officers managed to get her into their police car but on the way to hospital she turned violent and started biting and punching. A Sussex Police spokesman said: "While being transferred to hospital she assaulted two police officers who were with her."

    "This sends out a clear message to young people that this is a dangerous and harmful drug and should not be taken."

    The girl was eventually admitted to East Surrey Hospital where her condition was monitored and she was later allowed home. It is believed the police have taken no further action.

    By Jamie Paytt
    Published- 09 April 2010
    Newspaper- The Sun


  1. coolhandluke
    at least the cops weren't assholes and charged her with assault, in the usa this girl would be getting charged with a bunch of felonies.
  2. Birkill
    I bet if she was a he there definatly would have been repercusions and serious ones aswell!
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