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By Euphoric · Mar 25, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric


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  1. klaatu
    Wow, look at that graph!

    A trip to South Africa anyone?


  2. Shampoo
    I would like to see an opposing chart of quality if possible. What are people actually paying by weight in THC as opposed to plant matter? In S. Africa there may be plenty of open, dry land to grow raggedy dirt-weed in , but in the United States for instance, there are a dozen states that allow for medicinal marijuana, which commonly results in very high quality, advanced technology grow systems that results in very high quality cannabis. Accordingly in the Netherlands there has historically been a well-rooted hydroponic grow system in place, which produces equally high-quality cannabis, for which more money is paid.
  3. cra$h
    a lot of it could be based of greed, and the availible market. in south africa, there's probably a lot of people who'd rather get their next meal than their next spliff. while in japan, people could be going nuts, or it's rather dry due to the lack of room.
  4. cosmicruler
    it may also have something to do with the applicable drug laws in place in each of these countrys....obviously the higher the penalty for being caught the higher the risk, the higher the price....pretty basic really.
    Also on a side note, New Zealand has the highest incarceration rate per capita in the world for marijuana related offences and is only second to the US for over all incarceration rate...(maybe this effects prices as well?)

    swIm just found the following quote relating to marijuana in japan:

    Quote}"Anyone caught with marijuana in Japan is in big trouble. Marijuana use is viewed almost as bad as heroin use is in many western countries. Anyone caught with any amount of marijuana will be arrested. Suspects can be detained for several weeks before they need to be charged with a crime. Evidence obtained through illegal means (such as illegal searches) is routinely admitted in court. Some 98% of all people charged with a crime are convicted by Japanese courts. "
  5. Metomni
    My penguin tells me that in Japan, and several other eastern countries, the social stigma of marijuana is quite apparent. Not only are the punishments stiffer, but the society at large views it in an equally poor light, therefore there is less supply, which in turn skyrockets the cost.
  6. Lunar Loops
    Well, I have a friend who has partaken of such combustibles in both Ireland (rural) and the UK and he found that in general prices in Ireland were about four times greater than those he had experienced in the UK.

    He tells me that Shampoo makes a very good point as a very large quantity of what is passed off as cannabis in both the UK and Ireland is the dross known as soapbar. He says he'd rather smoke his own socks after a week at a festival.
  7. zera
    Developing countries weed is really cheap, but really shitty. Swim just got back from Mexico where he bought a giant bag of poop schwag for the same that he would pay for 1/10 in the US. Swims friend from Kenya tells him how he buys weed by the pillow case for next to nothing. At the same time he says its much shittier than the shittiest weed he has seen in the US.
  8. plantshaman
    some countries in africa the top export is cannabis . I saw it on the travel channel haha
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