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  1. Junket
    My friend is very high and loves to write raps and incoporate semi- complex lyricism. Each color is a different set of rhyming words. Its a random story but its something to read, haha, let me know if you like it:

    When sobriety comes hes gotta get it
    gone again
    So hand him the e, shrooms, coke, or klonopin
    If you don't have that, hand em an acid blotter then,
    its hotter than
    the pursuit following, cause he just
    shot a friend
    in the back, with a gat, for a sack
    theres water in
    his eyes, his cries, are a disguise
    their frauder than
    a three dollar bill
    hes ready to kill
    looking for a thrill
    so hand him a pill
    and you know he will
    snort it or pop it
    hord it or drop it
    he was ordered to stop it
    but a quarter he copped it

    so now theres a killer fresh on the loose
    hes going in a circle, duck duck goose
    hes trying to escape, hes smoking a moose
    or was it camel? he doesnt quite know
    hes too fucked up, snorting that blow
    loving that snow, hes ready to go
    everybodys like woah, but he wont slow


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