High Raps: Vol 2

By Junket · Sep 14, 2008 · ·
  1. Junket
    Colors = set of rhymes.
    check it out

    this life of sinning
    come close to ending
    my thoughts are bending
    reality till im lost and cringing
    suicide, seperation
    inside is frustration
    no ties or relation
    is my life just a wastin
    each time that im facin
    the concept of wife embracin
    child creation
    each side of my brain having a
    wild conversation
    when I tune into my thoughts I wanna change the station
    in front of me foreign forbidden fruits and i wanna taste em
    music, sex, and drugs mix so I twist and lace em
    with no limitation

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  1. Garethn
    yeah keep onit! hip hop is awsome do you like anything from the uk...?
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