High school pot controversy

By umbra1010 · Jan 18, 2008 · Updated Jan 20, 2008 · ·
  1. umbra1010
    A Portland High School will be talking pot tonight, and that's got some parents angry. On Wednesday, a News 13 viewer came to our studios with a flyer she said a group of students have been handing out at Deering High School; her son got one of them. The flyer is encouraging students to come to Deering Auditorium Thursday night for a showing of "Grass, The Movie," with the question: "Do You Want Marijuana To Be Legal?"
    The evening is being put on by a school-sponsored group called the Student Revolutionary Assembly.
    The principal at Deering High School tried to stop the event, but the superintendent gave it the final go ahead.
    The superintendent says she called the school's attorneys and learned the students legally can talk about the drug, even at the school.
    Some parents think the event is sending the wrong message, and want the whole thing canceled.
    The superintendent says because the students should be discussing both sides of the issue, the meeting is not considered promoting the use of the drug.
    The event is scheduled for 7pm.

    this is swim's state and he is glad this is happening. Hopefully it will continue and maybe even bring about change

    this is portland, maine. Not oregon.

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  1. Felonious Skunk
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    Fucking Amerikans. We'll wave the democratic flag until we're blue in the face whenever guys with beards, Marx, and guns start running around some South American jungle, but let a bunch of sensible teenagers try to apply its principles and suddenly freedom of speech doesn't seem like a good idea.

    We need to exorcise our own hypocrisy before exporting ideology to the rest of the world.

    BTW, good call by the superintendent.
  2. umbra1010
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    I agree with the superintendent also. The country tries to oppress certain liberties when the subject in question is controversial, but this guy didn't give up, even when angry parents threatened him. We need more people like this in the US of A
  3. Kirtap10
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    I'm flattered you find us sensible.
    A few clarifying points:
    The superintendent, Jeanne Whynot-Vickers is a lady.
    We received respect and civil discourse from every level of the administration, and our fine Principal told me that he got a few angry calls himself from concerned parents.
    My impression is that the backlash really wasn't too bad. Basically one enraged mother raced down to our local FOX affiliate and kicked off an undue media frenzy. (Prompting all of this lovely discussion http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/comments.php?id=163214&ac=PHnws )

    Umbra1010, if you have any idea how to continue this, lay it on me. During our post movie discussion this is basically what happened:
    Audience: Please clarify this marijuana issue
    Jonathan Leavitt: *CLARIFICATION*
    Me: How many of you want marijuana to be legalized?
    *the entire audience raises their hands*
    Me: So, what are we going to do about it?
    Everyone: I dunno

    As the majority of us are under 18 we cannot vote, we cannot collect signatures or sign petitions. As you can see, it can even be difficult for us to talk with our peers openly.

    What can the 50 or so "children," who care about this issue so much that they sat through 2 1/2 hours of education, do.
  4. Alfa
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    You've got the spotlights now. You might as well use it and publish a press release.

    Something along the lines of:

    Send your press release to all liberal media; newspapers, radio, television. Both local as national. With a little luck you can get a discussion started.
  5. umbra1010
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    I have an idea. Swim lives in maine and is a student at a certain high school and He might suggest they do the same in their school. Then people could continue to spread awareness throughout the state and maybe even the US. The reason people are so close minded about legalization is becuase they don't know all the facts.
  6. Kirtap10
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    Alfa, there already is a discussion going:
    We have just about all the media coverage I can stand at the moment. Some guy named Tom went so far as to call my house asking for me (keep in mind we never issued a press release).
    I also don't want to speak on behalf of an open forum, even if the vast majority indicated they were in favor of marijuana legalization.

    umbra1010, I just joined this site today to speak to this issue and I'm finding it tricky to navigate. What is Swim's contact info/userpage URL.
    As for spreading through the state, I don't want to speak to anything yet, but I just replied to a facebook PM from a fellow planning a similar event.
  7. Paracelsus
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    You can access a user's profile or send a message by clicking on the username and selecting the appropriate option.
  8. Kirtap10
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    Ha ha, pardon me. Like I said, I just joined today. Not only do I not know the ropes, I didn't even notice they were there. After doing a search (which is what I couldn't find before) I see this Swim fellow is quite the ubiquitous character and I plan to contact him immediately.

    please don't laugh :s
  9. chemlove
    Re: High School Pot Movie Controversy

    This is really exciting i really feel that if someone is going to take back this great substance that does many great things in society it'll start with the youth.

    And you know what they should have the right to free speech yes i know its on school ground but better there then some shady warehouse. It's as safe as a place for this type of show as i can possibly imagine.

    BIg props to your home state as there probably the most progressive (with Cali) in the United States.
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