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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A Swiss court on Monday gave a suspended sentence to a psychotherapist who treated his high-society patients with LSD, ecstasy and mescaline saying the illegal drugs "expanded the consciousness."

    The Zurich court gave the 62-year-old therapist a 16-month suspended sentence and a 2,000 franc (1,500 euro) fine for supplying the drugs during weekend therapy sessions between 2004 and 2008, the ATS news agency reported.

    Groups of around 60 people, made up of doctors, lawyers and businessmen's wives who each paid 300 francs (around 220 euros), attended the sessions, according to the charge sheet.

    The psychotherapist, who was not named by ATS, handed out 700 doses each of LSD and ecstasy, 50 of mescaline and 150 of 2-CB, a synthetic drug similar to mescaline, for which the prosecutor wanted him convicted of drug dealing.

    In court, the therapist said the illegal products were not drugs but "substances which allow the expansion of the consciousness."

    The court found him guilty of violating the law on therapeutic products.

    July 05, 2010


  1. cra$h
    I remember this guy from a while ago. And it's such a shame to see a potential therapeutic drug be demonized. I believe in a proper psychiatry setting, it should be perfectly legal for patients to have a "session" with their doctor while under the influence of drugs. This way you get a nice, controlled setting, and worse case sinario is that the patient doens't change. but of course the patient must know exactly what they're taking, the full effects both long and short, and what the Doc is gonna do and why while he's under the influence. Kind of like a private class then the patient should have a day or more to consider if it's something he would find benificial
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