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Hilton cleared on marijuana charges

  1. psyvision2000
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    <TD>Hilton Cleared of Marijuana Allegations
    By WENN
    September 30, 2005

    Paris Hilton has been cleared of allegations she offered teens alcohol and marijuana before taping a segment of her reality show The Simple Life: Interns.

    During an episode of her show, Hilton reportedly offered teens marijuana and bourbon to "loosen them up" for a taped segment.

    Lawmen in Baltimore, Maryland, recently confirmed that they were looking into the accusations, which could have seen the hotel heiress imprisoned and fined if she was found guilty.

    But Baltimore police have reportedly found no evidence to substantiate the claims.

    When the allegations initially broke, a spokesman for 20th Century Fox--the company behind The Simple Life--stated, "Paris would never endanger the welfare of a minor."



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