Hippy down under brings weed to court

By Shiacmkmleer · Aug 23, 2007 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    'Pot plant in court' case adjourned

    A man charged with taking a marijuana plant into a Brisbane court won an adjournment on Thursday when he complained of a headache which required treatment - with cannabis.
    Peter Till, 39, of Nimbin in northern NSW, told the Brisbane Magistrates Court he uses the drug for pain relief.
    Till has pleaded not guilty to one count of possession of a dangerous drug after allegedly taking a 90cm-tall plant into the Brisbane Magistrates Court on January 8, 2007.
    Till claims his decision to take the plant into the court complex was not unlawful as he was planning to tender it as evidence in an unrelated court matter.
    However, the crown said current Queensland legislation forbade him from doing so.
    The court heard Till used a yellow sack to carry the plant into the court complex, and that it was discovered and seized by security guards after he put it on the security x-ray machine's conveyor belt.
    He was arrested later that afternoon.
    A barefoot and dreadlocked Till, who represented himself, told the court he was on a disability pension and suffered back and hand pain, as well as headaches resulting from an accident where a piece of wire pierced his eye.
    He told the court he had tried many types of prescription drugs to ease the pain, but cannabis was the only thing that worked.
    "I absolutely and totally, utterly know I'm not doing anything wrong, because to turn around and make someone a criminal because of pain relief is wrong," he told the court.
    Magistrate Zac Sarra acknowledged cannabis was valued in some cultures for its medicinal properties but said Till's behaviour was still wrong in the eyes of Queensland's legislation.
    "The law in Queensland says that it is an offence to possess a dangerous drug and cannabis sativa is considered a dangerous drug," he said.
    "So it doesn't really matter what our thoughts or opinions are."
    After a short adjournment late Thursday afternoon Till declared he could no longer answer questions from the prosecution as his brain was "fried" and had turned to "mush" due to a headache.
    Asked by Mr Sarra how he usually treated headaches, Till replied:"To be honest, I usually take cannabis."
    The matter was adjourned until September 28.

    I think he has a chance the judge actually seems pretty cool. but then again hes coming to court bare foot.

    Edit link: http://www.theage.com.au/news/Natio...-case-adjourned/2007/08/23/1187462415043.html

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  1. Hyperspaceblastoff
    man the nerve of this guy
    i cant believe he thinks its ok to smoke this dangerous substance just to get better
    he should be locked up for the rest of his natural life becuase hes trying to cure his headache with that awful plant
    curing headaches is one of the worst offensis known to man
    people with dreadlocks and bare feet are always really dangerous
    im surprised they didnt taser him to the groudn immediately
  2. Metalcore322
    What? lol
  3. Laudaphun
    We need more people like this to stand up against our government who would seek to oppress us for exercising our rights as human beings to self-medicate ourselves.
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