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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    CALGARY — An Alberta prison inmate who tried to smoke his hashish-dipped Bible one page at a time has had another four months tacked on to his six-year sentence.

    Provincial court Judge Les Grieve imposed the sentence on Quentin Martin Brown, 23, after he pleaded guilty Friday to possession of illicit drugs in Drumheller Institution on May 30.

    In his ruling, the judge made a mild comparison to Florida-based Dove World Outreach Pastor Terry Jones, who was recently internationally criticized for planning to burn copies of the Qur’an on Sept. 11.

    “The world was outraged when an American pastor planned to burn the Islam holy book, the Qur’an,” said Grieve. “Burning the Bible one page at a time is also sacrilegious. An offence that was committed inside a prison, where one is supposed to be on his best behaviour, will generally always result in extra jail time.”

    Brown was serving his time on a half-dozen robberies committed.

    Postmedia News
    September 20, 2010



  1. Nnizzle
    Shouldn't the punishment concern the fact that it was dipped in hashish rather than that it was a bible...
  2. powerrobbie
    Haha gotta love Canada, the judge doesn't seem to mind the bible was dipped in hashish oil
  3. phenythylamine
    Of all the methods inmates have tried to sneek drugs into a prison this is by far the most funny. I wonder how he got caught. did the guards just walk up to him when he was in his cell smoking the bible lol.
  4. powerrobbie
    Swim has actually heard of this method being used many times before
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    Anyone know what the rules are in Canada for sending mail/books to prisoners? In the US, at least some years ago, books could only be sent directly by a bookstore- an individual could not send a book to an inmate. (federal prisons, and many, if not all, state). And regardless ALL mail to prisoners was opened and inspected - can't imagine a hash oil soaked page not being incredibly sticky...
  6. fatal
    seems a bit overt doesn't it? Swim has had the same idea involving the holy word in combination with xanax, LSD, or maybe just good old JWH. Would a bible that smells like acetone be suspicious? :p I imagine if you know a drug sympathetic man of religion it would be no thing to bring in The Holy Bible John Huffman Version. Something to ponder. Once actually already in the jail though books become an invaluable drug tansport tool FYI. "You'll love chapter 12." Guess whats in chapter 12? Barbiturates. Who knew "A Painted House" would be such a good read? lol. It always helps when people like you in lock up. It also helps to have extra stuff. If that guy got his bible in he would have gotten SO much commissary...
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