HOMAGE TO A DEALER...for he's a jolly good fellow.

By Cash.Nexus · Jul 21, 2012 ·
  1. Cash.Nexus
    Big-Man's pony-tail tickles my nose as I lean forward in the saddle, stuffing wadded money in his pocket. He shifts a bit, mumbling to a tiny phone, dainty in his chunky paw. I wriggle too, re-buckling my belt to safely stash an ounce of moon-rock heroin.

    Sunlight glitters on Big-Man's thick gold bracelet as he twists the throttle. The Honda surges to a sprint, crazy easy. The jungle is a thrilling green blur; I grasp Big-Man's solid shoulder and gaze at the horizon haze. This machine gobbles road so all being well, I'll make it back by sundown, cream for every cat.

    First slurp for Top-Cat, tasty bowlful: Big-Man's gear is always boom. He doesn't use himself, being a dues-paid pro. He does have vices, slowing down so he can live to place another silly bet. But he's all you could want in a dealer, a total man. So framed; more real than his shiny bike, his 22-ct gold, the paper pumped in pockets, the birds and beasts inked blue on tawny skin. The only thing more substantial is his product: heroin rules, eternal.

    No homo - I don't fancy him or anything. But his knowing laugh is a drug in itself, or maybe foreplay to a dose. Usually when I call, he growls in deep affirmative, lighting-up my brain like Xmas. Seldom he announces empty, a soul-sinking sound. I know the whole clan, they're all sweet. His wife is soft for me and his nieces act mad flirty. I know these chicks admire me, but I dig respect from dudes: gangster love. I'd probably enjoy prison, ha-ha.

    Might find out soon, I reflect as we merge with city traffic. Bus station's a place where police may pounce. Paranoia shielded by Ray-Bans, I hop off the motorcycle.

    "Cool, Big-Man. Same time, same channel?"
    "Ha. Just call! You know me."

    Eyes twinkling, he cocks a mitt for the trade-mark hand-shake. Slap! It's like a racquet serve.

    I wander un-suspiciously to the bus stands. Some guy chilling by the taxis wants words.

    "That man who dropped you here? He's a really great guy, a very good person."

    I want to praise that pukka poison, but I doubt this dweeb knows those angles. So I just agree.

    "We love him...right?"

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