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Homeless Man Takes Over Operation of Vacant Bar

By buckcamp, Jul 29, 2010 | Updated: Jul 29, 2010 | | |
  1. buckcamp
    Whether it was a homeless happy hour or a less-than-legal burst of entrepreneurial spirit, there was no ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand reopening of a Northern California club this month when a local transient broke into the bar and started selling drinks.

    Customers were crowding the bar for days at the Valencia Club in Penryn, Calif., which had lost its liquor license and closed its doors, Fox 40 reported.

    But Placer County detectives say the landmark business was actually being operated by a homeless man who broke into the club, re-opened it and posed as the new owner.

    Placer County sheriffs arrested Travis Lloyd Kevie, 29, on charges of burglary and selling alcohol without a license, the station reported.

    According to detectives, Kevie learned the club was shutting down while working on a clean-up crew for the previous owner. Kevie allegedly broke into the building on July 16, placed an open sign in the window and started selling alcohol he purchased from across the street, Fox 40 reported.

    But sheriffs recognized Kevie's picture in a July 19 article published in a local paper about the reopening of the Valencia Club. When deputies arrived they found Kevie selling alcohol to customers without a liquor license and booked him -- confiscating a large amount of alcohol and cash from the club.

    Published July 21, 2010
    | FoxNews.com


  1. Wanderer
    Every time I see this, I think…. "Gee how resourceful of the guy to take advantage of the opportunity." He was homeless, trying to earn a living, stand up on his own. Granted it was a bit illegal, but really, how resourceful.
  2. buckcamp
    I agree completely!

    It's definitely not a way to completely solve the homeless dilemma. Although it does run right in-line with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive that the USA was more or less founded upon. Unfortunately, due to bureaucratic interdiction, legal greed, etc. the freedom's our forefathers intended aren't exactly what the US Federal & State Governments allows for these days.

    Therefore, the common SWIY has a few more flaming hoops to jump through if he/she should want to form/open a legitimate business under the watchful eyes of Big Brother...
  3. Charenton
    :applause: "I grew up in the thirties with an unemployed father. He didn't riot. He got on his bike and looked for work" Lord Tebbit would be proud...bravo that man! Now someone with a brain should employ him to run a bar (I note the article implies he was succesful)....the press coverage would be guaranteed, but it won't happen :(
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