Homemade Highs - Stupid Ways People Try to Get Wasted

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  1. Phungushead
    View attachment 10862 If you went to a middle school like ours, chances are at some point the pimply kid sitting in the back row tried to convince you huffing magic markers and snorting Pixie Stix were a great, cost-effective way to get high. Unfortunately, those quasi-legal time killers can also be harmful to your health and, in some cases, deadly.

    We asked Asylum's most-trusted physician, Dr. Ken Spaeth, to explain the effects of various low-cost trips that have spread regularly through detention halls. (Not all of them are harmful, some are just stupid.)

    Huffing Glue

    Apparently assembling the models of Correllian Cruisers isn't rewarding enough as glue huffing continues to cause death and injury every year. The glues used typically contain organic solvents (and not "organic" in the overpriced-fruit sense of the word). Many of these solvents are potentially cancer-causing and damaging to your bone marrow. Kidney and liver damage can occur also, as can damage to the parts of your brain that control movement.

    Commonly called laughing gas or, in geek speak, Nitrous Oxide (N2O), it's given by a dentist to make you forgive him for drilling your head. Also, used in whipped cream cans, there are serious health risks beyond a sugar rush. Inhalation can cause hypoxia, a low-oxygen state that if not of extremely short duration is bad for your brain, heart and life, and can even cause seizures or put you in a coma. Nitrous Oxide also depletes the body of B12, a vitamin needed for long-term health of blood cells, nerve cells and DNA .

    Snorting Pixie Stix
    Pixie sticks contain dextrose, citric acid, and artificial and natural flavorings. Unless bringing back childhood memories qualifies as hallucinogenic or harmful, Pixie Stix are pretty benign.

    Smoking Banana Peels
    This is a myth held over from the '60s, possibly started by your dad. Perpetuators will tell tales of a psychoactive substance called Banadine (sometimes Bananadine) found in banana peels. Asinine is more like it -- there is no such substance. On the upside, banana peels are reportedly good for shining leather shoes. (Seriously.)

    View attachment 10864 Sudafed
    According to Urban Dictionary, the over-the-counter decongestant makes you makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud. But Sudafed-Pseudoephedrine (the drug's full name) is a key ingredient in the production of methamphetamine aka meth, which commonly destroys lives. Taken regularly, Pseudoephedrine can damage your heart, brain and kidneys. You may have also heard of "Meth teeth."

    Eating, snorting, smoking nutmeg

    Oh nutmeg, you're in every kitchen and yet no one knows what to do with you. As you sat unnoticed lo these many years, rumors have surfaced that you're a drug. Some of nutmeg's elements, such as myristicin and elemicin, are thought to provide a meth-like or hallucinogenic state. Depending on the amount ingested, health effects range from psychosis, palpitations, stomach pain, difficulty urinating, and even death. Most effects resolve in a few days although the psychosis can persist in people who abuse regularly. In case you're wondering, amounts used in recipes are not anywhere near enough to turn banana bread into a magic carpet ride.

    Cough Syrup
    In large amounts, cough syrup's active ingredient Dextromethorphan DXM can induce psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects, which isn't surprising given its similarity to opiates. Commonly reported side effects include psychosis, palpitations, stomach pain, violent behavior, difficulty urinating and death. Abuse of DXM products can cause liver damage, seizures, coma, vomiting and abnormal heart rhythms. As a result, DXM is kept behind the counter in many pharmacies and requires ID to buy.

    Huffing Dust-Off

    Propellants -- compressed gases commonly used for clearing dust from computers -- are often riddled with questionable labeling. They don't really contain air at all, but actually volatile organic compounds. Death has occurred as a result of huffing such propellants. If done on a regular basis, huffing these can result in varying degrees of brain damage. (By the way, why are we buying things to blow dust for us? Good lord, we're lazy.)

    Magic Markers
    Maybe it's having "Magic" in the title that motivates huffers to suddenly want to doodle. Fortunately, although full product listings are hard to get hold of, most manufacturers claim these contain nothing harmful. However, permanent markers commonly contain organic solvents that if used regularly can cause permanent damage to your heart, liver, brain, as well as hearing and memory loss, and even immediate death.

    Huffing Gasoline

    Is it surprising this is a bad idea? Gasoline is made up of aliphatic hydrocarbons -- basically, prehistoric dead stuff. Not only does gasoline often contain cancer-causing chemicals, it can also significantly damage the nervous system. Long-term damage to the heart, nervous system and kidneys may occur.

    Huffing White-Out
    While texting can be addictive, it only causes tendinitis. Correction fluids pose potential health risks from huffing. Chemicals found in correction fluids vary greatly; often they contain organic compounds such as ethylene glycol, petroleum distillates or mineral spirits. Regular abuse can lead to damage to the liver, kidneys, and nervous system and even death, as a result of inadequate oxygen to the brain and heart.

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  1. EscapeDummy
    Putting Pseudoephedrine (not meth yet!), N20, and DXM in the same category as glue, gasoline, comp duster, and other solvents? WTF? This article is stupid - and irresponsible.
  2. ninjaned
    completely agree, this article has a precursor to a fun drug(pseudoehpedrin), a fun drug(NO2), a weird drug(DXM) and then a bunch of stupid shit.
  3. SullyGuy
    I want to cry a little after reading that... How do these journalists sleep at night. Its obviously complete crap if you did a sliver of research...
  4. xctico
    back in the day most of this "brilliant ideas" where found in the anarchist's cookbook... along with other even more "brilliant" ideas...

    another stupid-drug that's been tried by desperate souls seeking a fix in times of desperate needs is smoking spider webs... (works just as well as the banana peels)
  5. fryingsquirrel
    If you think middle school kids do stupid shit you should see the stuff people do in prison. One idiot (no fucking clue how) obtained a loaf of rye bread hoping swim could make some LSD.
  6. welshmick
    at least on the right lines :vibes:
  7. Piglet
    I recommend taking 3,4 methylenedioxy phenyl 2 propanone, dissolve it in methanol (chilled to -10C and then bubble in methylamine. Throw in NaBH4 (sodium borohydride) and let it come to room temperature (it stinks so outside or with fans to remove).
    Filter off solids (trimethoxy borate & such) and then bubble in HCl. Distill off methanol and measure out 1/8g (125mg) of the powder thus formed.

    It's SOOOO like taking MDMA.
  8. cra$h
    pretty funny article, notice how all the side effects are the same? heart/brain/lung damage, psychosis, or death. Can't get much more vague than this...
  9. vibrancy3
    Some of the stuff in this article is quite silly! i've tried a few and well did get much of the desired affect, more a fraustation!
  10. Sirsmokesalot
    My ex's cousin died from sniffing lighter fluid! So its not all bs! Just most of it...
  11. TheOpium
    All in all this is pretty funny but i agree with Escapedummy, this is pretty damn stupid as some of those substances can be use for a CONTROLLED effect; without simple dying right away, like you basically said.
  12. themidnighttoker
    True, but it is the media.

    If they weren't creating fear in parents' hearts and putting irresponsible kids in the hospital, they wouldn't be doing their job.

    And I seriously Lol'd at the magic markers. :laugh:
  13. Phungushead
    The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    "I can't explain why, I just love to get high."

    [​IMG]When Jay-Z rapped those words on the song "Allure," he probably wasn't talking about knocking back a frothy mug of reindeer piss, subjecting himself to multiple bee stings or huffing spray paint out of a paper bag.

    The vast majority of drug users get their kicks from the classics -- everything from cocaine to plain ol' Mary Jane -- but for the adventurous, bored, poor and pitifully desperate there is always some way to find a fix.

    Recently in St. Louis, a fifteen-year-old girl told one TV news station that when she and her friends couldn't find any weed, they raided her mom's pantry and rolled a spliff out of nutmeg instead. While undeniably misguided, the idea wasn't actually that outlandish. Nutmeg, ingested high concentrations, is a potent hallucinogen.

    Another local girl ended up in the hospital when she snorted a brand of "bath salts" called Ivory Wave. Though effective -- the product contains a pair of legal ingredients that mimic cocaine's stimulant and anesthetic properties -- it sounds quite unpleasant. A writer for Vice magazine described his Ivory Wave experience as "like crystal meth without any of the good bits."

    Remarkably, however, neither of these substances compare to some of the other truly idiotic things people have (supposedly) used to get high.*

    [​IMG]10. Synthetic Marijuana
    In the early '90s, a scientist at Clemson University synthesized a variety of chemicals that mimic the effect of marijuana on the brain's cannabinoid receptors. The substances were supposed to be used for medical research, but now head shops across the country are spraying the stuff on potpourri and selling it for $30 a bag to both teenagers who don't know any better and adults who are desperate to get stoned but have to pass a drug test.

    The DEA recently banned several of the chemicals, but new varieties are already on sale. Our colleagues at the KC Pitch tried one of the new types -- a brand called Syn -- and described it as "some skeevy shit" that "tastes sour and smells like halitosis."

    9. Whip-Its (a.k.a. Hippie Crack)
    Perhaps the only enjoyable part about the dentist's office is the complimentary dose of laughing gas. Less enjoyable, one would imagine, is locking lips on the top of whipped cream can and sucking out the little bit of nitrous oxide that propels the delicious dessert topping onto your plate. Long a favorite break time activity of restaurant employees -- to the point that most businesses now keep track of their stock of nitrous canisters -- it's also known as "hippie crack" for its popularity on the jam band circuit. Pro tip: If a drug has "crack" anywhere in the name, you probably want to avoid it.

    8. Toads
    Spoofed by both Simpsons and Family Guy, hallucinogenic toads and frogs are very real things. The venomous skin of the Colorado River toad (Bufo alvarius) contains a potent psychoactive substance called 5-MeO-DMT. Licking the critters, however, is a very bad idea and can cause serious illness and/or death. The hallucinogens have to be extracted and then smoked for humans to be able to get high off of them.

    Hear that kids? Be sure to smoke your toads, not lick them.

    7. Annoying Ambient Music
    A website called i-Doser is the purveyor of "biaural brainwaive audio doses" that "powerfully alter your mood." The "beats" are vaguely similar to techno and have names like "peyote," "trip" and "orgasm."

    The site boasts that more than a million people have downloaded the songs, which means that more than a million people probably spent a good fifteen minutes locked in their bedroom, staring at the ceiling, listening to digital blips and wishing they could have found some place to score pot.

    [​IMG]6. Paint
    The marginal upside: Vapors from many types of inhalants -- including spray paint -- cause intense euphoria and vivid hallucinations when abused. The ginormous downside: They also cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of motor skills, hearing loss, limb spasms, liver and kidney damage, pneumonia, cardiac arrest and/or drowning to death on your own vomit. You'll also end up looking like this guy.

    [​IMG]5. Glue
    When The Ramones sang "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" they weren't talking about Elmer's. Rubber cement and other high-strength adhesives cause an alcohol-like stupor when sniffed. Like paint and other inhalants, this ranks among the worst possible things you could possibly do to your body. Nasty side effects include kidney and liver damage, chronic respiratory problems and "unstable temperament and diminished levels of concentration." Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia knows exactly what that last part entails.

    4. Catnip
    And you thought this was just a drug for pussies. No, catnip -- derived from plants in the Lamiaceae family -- can also get humans high. Well, kind of. While the stuff turns your feline into a drooling, stumbling, sleepy and highly entertaining wreck, it's not quite as potent for humans. James Nestor, author of the book Get High Now, says that about three grams steeped in water in a teabag produces effects that are "subtle but relaxing and soothing." So really, catnip probably is just for pussies.

    3. Bee Stings
    In addition to the searing pain and swelling that accompanies bee stings, the brain also produces cortisol and dopamine. Combined, Nestor writes in Get High Now, these two neurotransmitters "produce an intense feeling of satisfaction," and, in some instances, hallucinations. The more times you're stung, the more bee venom enters your bloodstream, the more chemicals your brain produces and the higher you get. As long as you have good tolerance to pain and aren't allergic to bees, it sounds like a totally reasonable way to catch a buzz, right?

    [​IMG]2. Reindeer Piss
    Magic mushrooms are not metabolized by the body, meaning that most of the psilocybin (the stuff that makes you trip) is excreted in human waste, particularly urine. It is theoretically possible, then, to drink urine from someone (or something) that has recently consumed 'shrooms and trip just as hard as if you'd eaten the fungi yourself.

    Legend has it that shamans in native Eskimo tribes in Siberia and Alaska would observe reindeer foraging on red-and-white speckled amanita muscaria mushrooms (the same shrooms that are said to have spawned the Santa Claus fable), then wait for the animals to take a leak. Supposedly, they would somehow collect this piss in bowls, chug-a-lug and say goodbye to all sense of reality. Then -- skepticism alert -- the shamans would piss in cups, and their followers would drink their third-generation, 'shroom-tainted piss. It all sounds highly unlikely, but then again, if you're an Eskimo freezing your ass off in Siberia, a steaming hot cup of mind-blowing reindeer piss might not be so unappealing after all.

    1. Jenkem (a.k.a. Butt Hash)
    Thoroughly debunked by Snopes, but nonetheless alive and still circulating as an urban legend, Jenkem is easily the foulest method of getting high that anyone has ever conceived. The process: Poop and/or pee in a plastic bottle. Cover the bottle with a balloon and put it in the sun to "ferment." Come back in a few hours, pluck off the balloon and inhale the shitty vapors.

    When this rumor started to spread, TV news stations had a field day. The "butt hash" story got so much coverage, in fact, it's hard to believe a "tough on crime" lawmaker somewhere didn't attempt to outlaw taking a dump in a plastic bottle.

    *Please, for the love of God, do not try any of these things. Except maybe catnip; that sounds like it's not so bad.

    December 10, 2010

    Keegan Hamilton

  14. godztear
    Re: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    That is an interesting bit about catnip that I'm sure not very many people knew about and are sure to try now that this article is in the light. MDMA is much more interesting though when it comes to felines, so can't really expect much from catnip ;)
  15. Killa Weigha
    Re: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    How could they get the reindeer to piss in the bowl? I'd just eat the mushroom. Pretty soon you wouldn't notice the cold. But there are stories of peasants waiting until the landed gentry filled up their piss buckets at the shroom party and drinking out of it. (from Russia).

    Think about if this were the case with heroin. Hack-saw wielding junkies living under Pop Stars' houses and shit. Ha.
  16. torachi
    Re: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    The author must have been very bored and recently did some researching after the DEA ban on the cannabinoids.

    Terribly written article, for many reasons, but he actually disparages and mocks an ancient custom of an ethnic peoples.

  17. J.B.
    Re: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    Jenkem stories seen to occur in threes, probably because the Darwin effect precludes the number from being higher. This is the second I've seen this week.
  18. mickey_bee
    Re: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    Entertaining read, but take it with a pinch of salt - alot of the details are incorrect.
    For example, A.Muscaria contains no psilocybin, it's not a magic mushroom as such - it's from a completely different family of mushrooms, all of which are toxic, A.Muscaria being the least toxic, but still nasty enough to not want to be eaten like a regular magic mushroom. Reindeers filtered out the toxicity, hence why the practice was done.

    But yeah, no psilocybin's involved whatsoever, and Amanita Muscaria's are not like 'normal' magic mushrooms, - do your research if you're thinking about doing them. There's a reason people chose to drink reindeer piss over eating the mushroom itself. And the rest of the amanita family of mushrooms are extremely - deadly - toxic. Beware!
  19. Nnizzle
    Re: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    OH MY GOD I burst out laughing at that picture of 'synthetic cannabinoids'! That is definitely potpourri unless I'm completely out of the loop...
  20. J.B.
    Re: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High

    I burst out laughing at the reindeer piss, thinking of all the sidewalk santas I'll run into today.
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