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  1. enquirewithin
    A drug-dealing teenager who started abusing substances at the age of 12 bears no grudge against his widowed mother who turned him in to police, the High Court has heard.

    Wong Ho-wing, 17, pleaded guilty to one charge of trafficking in 41.75 grams of ketamine and 31.94 grams of cocaine, worth about HK$79,000 on the street.

    Judge Patrick Li Hon-leung, citing the complicated and unusual background of the case, adjourned sentencing to April 19 but told Wong that only a custodial term will be considered. Wong's mother, a 48-year-old widow who works as a supermarket cashier, wept quietly in court as she watched her son, who was remanded in custody.

    The court was told Wong, who was sentenced to a training center in 2008 for a wounding offense, has a Secondary Two education and lives with his mother in a flat in Lai King Estate, Kwai Chung. His father died when Wong was three years old. One morning last August, the mother noticed Wong putting something inside his bedside cabinet before leaving home.

    Checking the drawers, she found some suspicious packages. Suspecting her son was involved in something illegal, she waited until he was home and sleeping before calling police. Officers found 31 packets of ketamine, eight packets of cocaine and drug paraphernalia including electronic scales in the cabinet.

    Under caution, Wong, who was then 16, admitted the drugs were his. He later told police he had obtained the drugs from someone named "Ah Chung" whom he met in a bar. Wong asked Ah Chung for about HK$35,000 worth of drugs, which he received in Yuen Long in the evening of August 15. Wong said he intended to keep some for personal use and sell the rest.

    Police estimated the street value of the ketamine at HK$50,007 and the cocaine at HK$29,427, a total of HK$79,434. In a letter appealing for clemency, Wong's mother, a practicing Christian, told the court of her emotions at the time. "I was caught in a dilemma. He is my son, but I felt I had to stop the drugs from going on the market so I made the decision to call the police," she wrote.

    "I did not know the quantity of the drug." The letter also said her son did not blame her and admitted he was wrong. In Wong's letter of mitigation, part of which was read in court, he said that while his mother had turned him in, he is now enjoying her full support.

    He promised to learn a lesson from this experience and turn over a new leaf. The defense also said though Wong joined a triad society in 2005, he was in Secondary One, bullied into joining and had never taken part in triad activities.

    Wong began using cocaine and ecstasy when he was 12. After dropping out of school he worked as a kitchen assistant and food-shop delivery boy.

    'I forgive you mom' |Diana Lee | Wednesday, March 31, 2010



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