Honor amoung drug users

By Shiacmkmleer · Jun 6, 2008 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    Yea sorry to clutter the boards but SWIS read this and thought it was pretty cool... even if it's not heavy hitting news
    Dunno I just thought it was cool to see a drug story where someone took the fall for their friend. I thought it was cool to see a story where a user is shown to be a human just like everyone else, and not a monster.

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  1. purplehaze
    Yeah thats always the best thing to do. Phaze always tells his friends if he has cannabis in his vehicle he will take full responsibility and claim it not to worry.

    Some people on the other hand would rather let you take the fall for it. Kinda sucks that there has to be a fall at all for a plant that grows naturally. Like saying nature is wrong. I can understand not claiming a rolling meth lab with 50 kilos of crank to possibly dodge a life sentence, but for weed be a man and own up to it instead of letting someone else take the fall if theres trouble.
  2. Swift Serenity
    thats pretty awesome of him to do.. i would only do it if it was one of my close friends.. interesting read though
  3. AntiAimer
    So why was this persons house raided in the first place?
  4. some.one
    Yeah thats what I was thinking. All that for some weed in a shoebox? Where's the rest of the story.
  5. purplehaze
    The story is jaded, the moral is more what were looking at.
  6. Swift Serenity
    forget everyone who is jaded, they dont matter and i dont care
  7. Panthers007
    Should have claimed the police paid him to plant the drugs in the person's house.
  8. Swift Serenity
    lol wow that could of actually worked
  9. old hippie 56
    Or thought they seen Japanese Maple growing in the backyard!
  10. Samadhi
    After swims run in with the DEA and webtryp crap (no worries all was cleared from swims name, my lab-cats and I were on the list of the smallest importers and the cases were thrown out do to insufficient data... GO MAGNETS! plus the chemicals in question would've held their ground as they were documented.)

    swim took the blame and all the rap because he led all of his lab-cats into the RC business. It was better in the long run and all charges were dropped and swim got to make them look like real fools after raiding his place and finding not even a drop of ANYTHING. Swim stood and sniggered as a officer had him in an arm lock pressed up against the wall (there was no resisting, apparently being treated like a prisoner is common practice)

    It is good to see that among drug culture there is honor and a sense of self-responsibility. this kind of gives hope to these things becoming de-criminalized. This was a good read.

    but.... The USA will likely keep it's reagan (that one old dead guy) stance (or stranglehold) on these things and continue to send innocent and good people to prison. (shakes fist) MKULTRA? Manuel Noriega? what was that? this country hates drugs
  11. cra$h
    if swim were put in the same situation, he'd do the same thing. instead of seeing freind fall, he'd take the fine, and everyone would move on happily. better than ruining a friendship. as for the whole meth lab situation, swim had no clue it was even there.
  12. purplehaze
    Best to do it that way especially in the vehicle, if theres drugs in the vehicle in alabama were swim lives and nobody claims it, guess what, everyone gets a charge.
  13. Panthers007
    Bongo is a professional bicycle-mechanic (among other hats he wears). And he was merrily truing the wheels on this guy's bike. The guy had unpaid tickets, so they took away his license until he paid the fines (which made it virtually impossible to go to work to get the money to pay the fines for the car that swallowed the spider to catch the fly - I don't know why - perhaps he'll die...). And Bongo was paid for his help with a can of ale and some hot-dogs. Fair enough. About 7 people were gathered. And there was a small baggie of pot on the picnic-table in the secluded back yard. And suddenly a cop walks in. He sees the pot. Looks at the crowd - Bongo busy with the bike - and says: "This is yours!" - pointing at Bongo. Bongo said it wasn't and proceeded to ignore the snoid. Snoid* didn't like that. He cuffed Bongo and went to his cruiser to radio for back-up. Violent Hippies? Well, only Bongo had long hair - so it had to be his. Right? Wrong. Bongo doesn't even smoke pot.

    Bongo looked at the snoid and said: "If I was a black man, you'd probably shoot me." When snoid-boy was out of earshot, the owner of the pot approached the captive Bongo and offered to admit it was his pot. Bongo said not to - that the snoid would just bust both of 'em.

    So they went to court - all 7 of the conspirators. All were prepared to testify the pot was not Bongo's. Then, when asked whose pot it was: "I am not here to report on any person. Only to support Bongo." Until they got to the guy whose pot it was: "No sir, it was not Bongo's." Then whose was it?" "I refuse to answer that question as it would violate my 5th amendment right not to incriminate myself."

    Bongo's attorney pulled the judge aside and explained the strategy. The judge looked at the snoid as the attorney quoted Bongo's comment of shooting him if he were a black man. The judge said to the snoid - "Are you willing to drop your case?" The snoid consented and the Baggie-7 walked out the door. Cranking Warren Zevon's "Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money" - they burned out of the court parking lot.

    * Snoids: http://www.zubeworld.com/crumbmuseum/snoid2.html
  14. beentheredonethatagain
    Long before The Late President Reagan was in charge, the country's answer to drugs was prison and not this country club type. No I have older members of familly that was sent to prison , behind the walls prison, and they were only 19 and 21 yrs old and got busted with marijuana.

    yeah the Reagans thought the "just say no" was a noble cause. And to some degree I will agree, on the other hand, responsible adults know to set limits and stick to some sort of bounderies. Where as the crack head without a job , without education, without the desire to get any of those, may be canidates for a " Just Say No " message.
  15. Rehab Quitter
    Does it not state how much cannabis was found, one would assume it would only be a small amout due to theres no intent to supply charge.
  16. Swift Serenity
    thats one crazy story.. swiy got lucky huh? very smart though.. i dont get how cops find these houses.. do they just randomly pick?
  17. beentheredonethatagain
    Wow really? your okay with letting a friend go down on a lab that belongs to swiy? Regardless off the punishment , doing your own time is the right thing to do.
  18. Mr. Giraffe


    Dude, have you not heard of Iran-Contra?

    Reagan and his gang thought Just Say No was a useful way to protect their profits. Just about the opposite of a noble cause. They laugh at people like you who credit them with honesty and nobility!
  19. bman1
    It is the same where swib lives, even in a party. Once at a party that was being raided everyone wan to the bathroom to start flushing. By the time the LE got everyone into one room they found some empty baggys and a comode full of weed that did not flush. There was about 35 at the place. It was a private place and the owner had no clue what he had rented the place for. The LE wanted to charge everyone, and said the were going to. Swib was able to sign a paper staing it was all swibs, since no one else fessed up swib was the only one taken to jail that night. (It all was not swibs but some was so why not just take the blame for it all instead of letting there other take it for theirs if possible. Swib got the same charge swib would have if he denied it, ammitted to onlu swibs, or admitted to everones)

    Later swibs freinds bailed swib out paid for a lawer and everything.
  20. purplehaze
    Yeah, its the right thing to do. I wouldn't ever be in a situation like that myself, but in a situation like that im sure the other person in the vehicle is going to be in on it. And a charge that carries a life sentence would most likley be dealt with by noone claiming it and pleading not guilty. But thats besides the point, just hypothetically though, anyone who actually gets busted with a rolling meth lab is not going to claim it.

    Me myself though, im not a bad person, I would handle by business like a man and claim whatever I had.
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