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By trptamene · Jul 10, 2008 · ·
  1. trptamene
    To whom it concerns:

    Some perspectives to keep in mind before reading:

    1. I do not claim to have the truth and if I ever do somebody slap me.

    2. This text is admittedly rather crude & a first draft I came up with after having these thoughts in my perception for what seems like an eternity, but in all actuality is a culmination of all the things I perceived during my final semester at a University and my experiences thereafter up until this very moment of your breath.

    3. There is no such thing as hell or infinite suffering, that is a fabrication of man. Sadly this suffering can also have an extremely large finite value (use your imagination/knowledge/intuition/life force).
    If you can get over this and realize at that finite moment in time what you do in this universe, whether it be as a star, a cat, a person, a bacteria infested stream or the disgustingly blissful molecule I would never want to touch known as methamphetamine which I have seen turn more people off than the majority of people on with the realization of a finite ego awareness have ever thought of turning on and the larger leap of tuning in there is also such a thing as infinite bliss (or Heaven) if you choose to realize it and have it be a part of your universal consciousness and awareness.

    4. My right to write my thoughts and opinions are fully protected under the constitution of the United States of America, a country who’s Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights are plainly the law of the land where I write this at this moment in time. My need to articulate them on your wavelength is something that can only be asked of you as a person or entity. This may all be hearsay to see who is really listening.

    5. Take it with a grain of Sodium Chloride.

    Main text:

    I write you this letter to inform all of you (and likely perhaps so myself) that I am doing okay and am in a good place. I have been given some self awareness recently and realized you may perhaps be curious how I am doing as this letter found its way onto your eyes, whether they are electronic or hard press, whether your name is at the top or nobodies is there to be found, I hope these words will reach someone’s ears or eyes who really need to simply perceive it.

    When I think about life and my history I have come to the conclusion that absolutely nobody knows what they are doing in this world and anyone who tells you that they have the answers are feeding you lies and utterly brainwashing you. In my opinion the only “truth” found in this world is within the equality sign and within a scientific frame of mind, but I also have yet to come to terms with the fact that when these signals really matter, they are no longer that of equality, but rather a very tangible, yet extremely fantastic & a truly childlike/godlike/shaman-like approximation. You may have to do some deep searching to grasp the meaning, but use whatever symbol resonates with you and merges best with your plane of reality, that it to say, your little inch of the world, your family, friends and loved ones, or rather your god (which is truly inside of you) and yourself. These are not on the faces you see on the streets or in particular on your American televisions, but those you see within your self and within the land you live and recycle yourself upon. Those faces that you constantly breathe life into, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, your many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, lovers, and sadly your plain assholes will rape and brainwash all those close to you who keep everything in check, or most simply the cosmic karma which it all really is (waves build up and waves cancel out even if they are a gazillion miles away people).

    You are an expression of the universe in an attempt to find itself, create itself & most importantly love itself. If you (the universe) does not come to this self realization, there will be an infinite nothingness (or perhaps infinite nostalgia – hella scary?). I think there may be no realization after your cosmic death that we all have been taught to be in fear of all of our lives and I urge you to do the same in every waking moment of your conscious being regardless of your ego awareness. As a people we have to let this go.

    My sister told me today everything cycles back around. I know one day this world will no longer be here and these material objects will be a stupid thought someone “unaware but incredibly conscious” imposed on everything in their perceivable reality.

    Getting these thoughts downs have been an extremely culminating process that I know I have had to do for a very long time now, something I perhaps needed to do my entire life (whatever form that is). I have known for a while my answers are found in science & my arithmetic as that is the only thing that will not lie, only your interpretation of it will, but I sadly cannot stay in this ego-awareness long enough to figure out those answers to what I would ever begin to call a satisfactory explanation. That is where our numbers and theses stop while our imagination, theories and so-called theorems start. This is true fantasia, this is that child like bliss and cosmic connectedness that everyone stole from you but something you can hopefully begin to regain a peace of while you can while at the same time realizing while at the same time realizing YOU, as an individual, will likely never fully know).

    If you got this far then I feel these eyes were met for you, if not you would have turned off and tuned out by now. This is where I will explore my own thoughts some more and come up with my own conclusions as tainted conclusions and fanciful thoughts of something you do not relate to are something you should not be listening to are utter brainwash to you, at least in that point in time, in that plane of reality and of existence you are living in.

    Let our love and life be your Shaman,

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  1. Shampoo
    Thank you trp. I think very few people have the ability to honestly appraise the human condition, let alone gain perspective on it. You are a unique, intelligent cat, and Id love to hear more of what goes on in your noggin.
  2. trptamene
    No, thank you good sir. It's a symphony to hear it resonating :) :'(

    I need to start getting more in touch with what goes on in there so I can get it down and learn from it and just hopefully help others in the chaos?
  3. mickenator
    It has been a pleasure to read your thoughts.
  4. drbeer
    Great to see you unsderstood the same thing as boozer and managed to explain it with different words... :)
  5. purplehaze
    Phaze feels the same. He understands the world in his head on a higher level than the average person who doesn't question and instead believes what he is told. He has always questioned everything and faith has never been his stronghold.

    He has always had these thoughts, explaining them aswell as you did, well thats another story.

    But religion/other spiritual beliefs, are mandatory for the progression of our evolution, as we get smarter, as a communicating civilization we must have similiar morals, before we destroy each other.

    If we were truely intelligent, there would be no arguements, no jealousy, no controversy.

    Knowing what is true and expressing it verbally is hard for phaze, as he has a thought pattern that he feels makes him unique, smarter in some terms as he has a higher understanding than he can verbally express thinking things out and knowing how everything works outside of the box has always made him feel he had an advantage over general population, knowing that a cop is a man, in a uniform, who is acting within his job description doing what he believes is right, knowing all the while that the man is just a man and morals were set for our evolution. Nobody knows why we are here, and we can only live progressing in our own entertainment and enjoyment, making life easier, destroying the planet we live on in the mean time, believing there is no other life, there is no other planets evolving as we are and building cars or trains or god knows what, whatever suits there enviroment.

    Knowing that religion never had to be put in place, it could have very well been anything else, to make man believe that there is a higher power, making him act moral, not steal, the general population believing in the same god, casting out the ones who dont follow, its a system that works. Continues to build and grow and evolve.

    Phaze has somethign that he wrote that kind of gives an example of the way he believes but he is gonna put it in his own blog, he wrote it when he was 18 and saved it, he still thinks its a good read hes 21 now so its pretty old. Anyways check it out, payce, great read btw.
  6. cyndi
    Excellent self actualization and interpretation of the world we live in. I agree with many of your perspectives.
  7. savingJenniB
    "And in the end the Love you take ~
    Is equal to the Love you make."
    --- John Lennon
  8. bananaskin
    Childlike and innocent perception.
    My friend has a 4 year old autistic son.
    When if at any point will she be able to take the shining pin and burst the bubble?
    Must she leave that to others or is it her task only?
    Is it ANYBODY's task?
    Does anybody have that right?
    Is it an obligation of misinformation... to bind down the box and shrink it?

    Thank you.
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