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Horses used to help drug addicts

By Lunar Loops · Aug 31, 2006 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    This brings a whole new meaning to horseplay. "If you could talk to the animals....".

    This from BBC News Scotland:

    Horses used to help drug addicts

    Patients learn how to communicate with the horses

    An innovative drug and alcohol programme using horses is being trialled at a hospital in the Borders.
    Recovering addicts at the Castle Craig Hospital are taking part in treatment known as equine-assisted psychotherapy.
    Patients are encouraged to carry out simple tasks, which require them to successfully communicate with a horse.
    The programme is said to help drug addicts and alcoholics understand there are no instant solutions to their problems. The horse work complements a 12-step recovery programme, based on total abstinence. Hospital chairman Peter McCann claimed that while it was more expensive in the short term, the programme had a 50% success rate.


  1. ponygirl
    It's cause horses rule! Truly though, horses are sensitive, intuitive animals and are really into bonding with humans. They are used to help physically and mentally disabled people as well. They are even training mini horses to be seeing eye dogs as they live much longer than dogs!
  2. Lunar Loops
    I don't doubt that for one second. However, I feel that helping people communicate with other people might be a better first step.

    Not knocking it at all though. Hey, if it works for one person it's probably worthwhile. The article just appealed to SWIS's rather childish sense of humour.
  3. ponygirl
    Speaking as a girl with some social sorts of disorders...it's safer to bond with an animal. It teaches you to be happy with yourself...and then you have more confidence to deal with stuff in your life, along with other people. Some drug addicts have problems beyond the drugs...they are used as an escape. I think that's why animals are used, to help move past those root problems.
  4. ponygirl
    Hehe...horses actually do like beer. One of our horses will drink out of a bottle by himself.
  5. Lunar Loops
    He's not a social drinker then?

    Now, that's a neat trick. Pictures?
  6. ponygirl
    When I get a camera I'll so have to take pictures! It's cute! Lots of horses, donkeys and mules apparently do this...they'll drink beer or Coke/Pepsi even. I had a friend who claimed her horse liked smoke up.
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