1. Terrapinzflyer
    House Bill Bans Fake Marijuana, Cocaine
    K2 Product Rolled Into Joints, Inhaled From Pipes

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The House has approved a bill to make it illegal to produce or distribute in Tennessee any substance that mimics the effects of marijuana or cocaine.

    The proposal sponsored by Democratic Rep. Ulysses Jones of Memphis passed on a 96-0 vote on Thursday. The Senate, which voted for its version on a 32-0 vote last month, would have to agree to minor changes made in the House before the bill could head for the governor's signature.

    A product known as K2 that is commonly sold as incense is a synthetic compound chemically similar to the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Users roll it up in joints or inhale it from pipes.

    Though banned in most of Europe, K2's key ingredients are not regulated on the federal level in the United States.

    POSTED: 11:52 am CDT May 13, 2010



  1. NeuroChi
    Could this be any more subjective? Ridiculous.

    Can one claim to not get nearly the same effects, or a completely different high - or is this based on a pharmacological similarity somehow?
  2. BloodyMuffin
  3. Alfa
    Its basically the same as the analog act, but then only defining the pharmacological similarity of a substance.
    Would this mean that any substance that affects cannabinoid or dopamine receptors is now illegal? If so then I would think this would open up a can of worms the legislators have not anticipated.
  4. Synthesised
    How on earth do you measure this. How does something not sold for human consumption mimic these effects if it's not consumed?
  5. Alfa
    I wonder if the anti tobacco lobby could use this to outlaw nicotine. Nicotine affects dopamine and even though the pharmacological profile is not the same, its the affect on dopamine receptors that users are after.
  6. BloodyMuffin
    rather than the anti tobacco lobbyists using this, i think it would be interesting to see pro jwh-018 lobbyists use that exact argument. there's no way the government will allow tobacco to be banned, so bringing this up would either cause the law to be dropped or changed.
  7. SomeGuyIKnow
    So the message is that they're outlawing substances because they get you high, not because they're proven to be damaging to health.

    I'd like to see someone market a new benzo, arguing that it mimics the effects of alcohol.
  8. godztear
    I don't live in that state, but it sure does seam like the handcuffs around wrists of the citizens of the so called "Land of the Free" are getting tighter and tighter.
  9. BloodyMuffin
    that's how a conservative government works, and compared to much of Europe for instance the U.S. is very conservative. when it was founded it was pretty radical and full of freedoms, but really only in comparison to the rest of the world. as time goes by the world changes and new issues spring up. with each new issue the fear of change grows. the people in power know that change in lifestyle brings change in power as well, and they aren't willing to let that happen. they know that the country is most suited to them as is. its not that the cuffs are getting tighter, we just had smaller hands in the beginning. as we grew nobody wanted to loosen them for fear that we would be able to slip out one day and all hell would break loose. the fact is that they do need to be loosened so we can grow, but as with every major growth in liberal thought it will take a revolution, and not even the most liberal of us are willing to risk that.
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