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House explosion linked to hash oil production, cops say

  1. Motorhead
    Highly combustible butane canisters used to produce hash oil are likely what caused Windsor's most recent house explosion, police say.

    "The explosion that took place is not related to any type of natural gas combustion," Sgt. Brett Corey said Thursday.

    "There definitely is evidence of a narcotics operation in the home and that's what we're focused on right now."

    The explosion and fire happened around 9: 20 p.m. Tuesday in the basement of a home at 3230 Conservation Dr. Four people were inside at the time, but no one was injured. The blast caused about $40,000 in damage.

    The Ontario Fire Marshal's Office, Union Gas and Windsor police arson investigators launched a probe.

    While going through the debris, they found equipment often associated with hash oil production in the basement.

    On Wednesday, the Windsor police drugs and guns unit executed a search warrant. They found more than 1,400 grams of loose marijuana and 12 grams of cannabis resin, or hash oil.

    Police said the combined value of the marijuana and resin is more than $7,500.

    Officers also found a large number of empty and full butane canisters which are commonly used in making resin, along with other production equipment such as piping.

    No one has been charged, but the investigation continues.

    Hash oil is made by putting marijuana into a container such as a pipe, which is sealed with a cap on one end and a filter on the other. Butane is forced into the container, which then forces the oily resin out of the marijuana.

    The resin is more highly concentrated than marijuana bud. In Windsor, it's also harder to come by. "It's something we don't see in this area quite often," said Corey. "It's not common."

    He said it seems those responsible were making the resin in the basement, next to the furnace. "It appears the butane canisters that were located in the house may have contributed to the cause of the fire," said Corey. "The butane may have been sparked by a pilot light on the furnace. It's speculation right now. That's what we're investigating."

    Given how combustible the butane is, Corey said the operation put the neighbourhood at risk.

    "It's an extremely dangerous situation, not only for the residents of that house, but also the residents in the neighbourhood," he said. "This is why we're trying to emphasize the caution."

    Corey said people should try to be aware of what's going on in their neighbourhoods and immediately report any suspicious activity to police.

    Tuesday's explosion was the third in two weeks. On March 31, a blast rocked a house in the 1700 block of Pillette Road. It blew out a brick wall and caused a fire.

    On March 24, an explosion at 1070 Esdras Ave. killed Ronald Nelson, 75. It levelled the house and caused a large fire that spread to nearby homes.

    The causes of those explosions are still under investigation.

    Trevor Wilhelm
    April 08, 2011
    The Windsor Star


  1. zerozerohero
    Well, what's there to say - all tek's i've read mention repeatedly that one should exercise extreme caution with butane and work in a well ventilated area, away from any heat source or live flame...hence, idiots come "in all shapes and colours" it seems.

    The second thought that comes to my mind (again) is the incredibly steep rise in such stories being put on the frontpage by the press and largely documented by the police - war-on-drugs v2.0 ?
  2. kailey_elise
    Wow. How stupid retarded can you be?

    Smart enough to go through the process of finding the directions to make the hash oil *AND* (presumably) a market for it, yet didn't seem to think open flame + fuckton of airborne butane *might* be a bad combo?

    I weep for humanity.

  3. Ghetto_Chem

    Ya wondering the same thing... Especially the market for it. Almost all people are very skeptical of hash oil and would rather throw away what little money they have on cannabis, they know for a fact will get them high. Swims friend blames shitty hash for causing people to fear other concentrated forms.

    Not too surprising on the other hand as alot of stoners probably don't have the best lab etiquette.

  4. Potter
    It should be brought up that the book Cannabis Alchemy, the main manual for this procedure, has a number of serious safety flaws and results like this are expected if one were to follow the procedures in the book to the letter. Anyone considering hash oil making or THC isomerization needs to be intimately familiar with lab safety protocol and make sure they correct the errors in the book.

    I know there's nothing mentioning this book in the text, but it seems worth bringing up. Alfa has said these explosions are not unique incidents and there have been a number in the past few years.
  5. zerozerohero
    Thanks to potter the rabbit discovered a piece of litterature that completely passed under his radar for years.
    He acquired a copy this morning (and was very lucky to find one) and is almost done with the reading. All he can say is that it indeed lacks of safety instructions (especially for the novice, the experimented chemist will have no issuies with that) and it is, at least partially, filled with plain wrong information and stuff that sounds more like "i don't exactly know much on that subject that has to be covered, so let's imagine stuff and write it down, no one will know anyway".

    The rabbit would discourage anyone to go by this book alone and would advise to gather as much real information (as seen here on DF for example) as possible before attempting anything of that sort.
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