House fire leads to discovery of hundreds of marijuana plants

By losd · May 29, 2008 · ·
  1. losd

    San Jose House Fire Leads Police To Million Dollar Discovery
    POSTED: 11:16 pm PDT May 27, 2008
    UPDATED: 9:50 am PDT May 28, 2008

    SAN JOSE, Calif. --
    Police stumbled upon hundreds of marijuana plants Tuesday inside an illegal growing operation, NBC11 reported.

    What started out as a house fire in the 2300 block of Shade Tree Lane quickly turned into a drug investigation.

    Firefighters saved most of the home, but inside they found about 200 marijuana plants worth an estimated $1 million, NBC11 reported.

    Neighbors said the people who were living in the home moved in a few months ago and seemed nice enough. However, they only moved in with a couple of beds and had a lot of late-night visitors, neighbors said.

    Firefighters said it appears that the people who lived in the house rigged an electrical bypass in the garage so that they would receive free electricity. Apparently the system overheated, which started the fire, firefighters said.

    The alleged growers face felony cultivation charges.

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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Undone by an electrical fire. Bad luck upon bad luck.
  2. AquafinaOrbit
    If I had a grow like that going and my house caught up, I know I would be on my way to the border almost immediately.
  3. sknkv2
    Would have been nice to be in the neighbourhood while it was on fire.
  4. English_T
    Actually, this is quite a common reason for busts, somebody messes with the electric to get free service rather than pay for it and through not studying and doing the job correctly or hiring a qualified dodgy electrician and saving a couple of hundred bucks, get pulled as aresult and it costs them tens or hundreds of thousands in losses - insurance wont pay out if you've fucked with the electrics and have thus, caused the fire! equipment and plants, yur home and your memories all gone through a lack of common sense and that's not even taking into to account the loss of liberty which in some countries would be mandatory (USA probably get a few years, UK you'd probably escape jail and get a big fine and couple of years probation)

    Interestingly, England is,for the first time in history, exporting marijuana, such is the size of production! However, police are asking electrical companies to watch out for large use of electric out of all proportion to the house size, and are also doing night flights by helicopter with infra-red to look for excessive heat traces. Apparently, they are using Vietnamese to operate the 'farming' - don't know why that is but apparently is what they are finding. The 'new' homegrown type is produced for high levels of THC and isn't like the naturally balanced sheeet that we used to get imported - shit, I remember when you couldn't get grass, it was ALL hash, nobody dealt in grass - apparently the more natural strains have a balance which makes it more giggly and fun, whilst the high THC content stuff just 'molls' you out - That said, I'm sure those Amsterdam labs are producing good balanced, happy, giggly sheet as well. I mean it's a major business in itself now with millions going into the development of new strains (although it does seem that the majority are going for the high THC levels as a primary target)

    I better add a link to the fact about the Vietnamese, as last time I mentioned that '90% of London's Heroin industry was controlled by the Turks', I was called racist (a term that is soooo overused these days and used whenever someone says anything negative regarding anyone Foreign, whether true or not. Shit, I'm married to a 'foreigner'!)....and I have to admit, I was wrong about that, it is, in fact, 80% (some say 80% some say 90%) of the UK's (not just London's as I thought) Heroin trade is controlled by the Turks.

    Ref Vietmanese & UK Marijuana Production:

    Ref Turkish Mafia Heroin Control:,,201048,00.html
  5. cra$h
    wow, what bad luck... it seems like only the pot producers are the only ones that get busted... stupid potheads
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