House: The Tyrant

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  1. Nnizzle
    (First paragraph is referring to the plot of the episode)
    No we have not been given, nor will we be given, an adequate explanation for why House's chronic pain is suddenly manageable without painkillers. Keep in mind House had a legitimate, verifiable medical condition (infarction leading to muscle death) in his leg, so it's not like fibromyalgia or bad headaches some other painful condition that is hard if not impossible to medically verify.

    The DEA has been writing letters to Fox complaining about House's "flagrant use and abuse of narcotics without consequence" for years now, and finally the network, writers, and producers all caved in to the government's demands... in the worst possible way. They decided to make the vicodin House had been taking for over a decade into a sudden hallucinogen, causing him to see dead people. They showed him going through the painful detox, and now he's just fine and dandy, no reference to his pain at all. And there won't be any further reference to his pain, other than "it's all manageable."

    Idiots will consider this to be "character growth" but you can do your own Freedom of Information Act request and get the letters the DEA sent to Fox demanding that "House" no longer show a character using drugs and performing well (exceptionally well, in fact) at his job, without horrible consequences. You know, "for the children."

    House's chronic pain and need for vicodin (in reality he should be on something much stronger and without the toxic acetaminophen that vicodin contains) were a central part of the show and the character of Dr. Gregory House. If they are going to destroy the character like this - at the request of the government, no less - then I won't be watching the show for much longer.

    They gave the DEA final script approval over all episodes of House. Talk about big brother. Then again, "big brother" is the very essence of drug prohibition.

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    Are they going to take Weeds off the air next?

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  1. SullyGuy
    The DEA hates anyone having fun or enjoying some nice fiction.

    Thats all there must be to it.
  2. Bajeda
    House is primetime network televison and Weeds is on a subscription cable network, so different situations, especially with regard to level of viewership. Fox also relies on government sources of news and the like, so they would be quicker to give in to such requests (demands?).

    I knew something smelt rotten with the whole House getting off vicodin and magically not having problems with pain.
  3. SullyGuy

    I thought the writers has just gotten bored of that part of his character.
  4. EyesOfTheWorld
    Well, I'm done watching that show. Not that I watched it because he popped opiates, but because he was a realistic, compelling character. Take away one of the main defining aspects of who the title character is and you have just another hospital show.
  5. chibi curmudgeon
    "Without consequence?" Did they see the episode where he catheterized himself??

    Leading to one of my favorite lines, "It only hurts the first nine or ten inches." :p
  6. ninjaned
    I hate some people. Why do they have to bitch about everything? This is a show that entertains plenty of people, what right do they have to take that away?
  7. Nature Boy
    Fuck! If this is true, and I don't totally doubt that it might be, this sucks. I'm not a huge fan of House. I've only seen a few episodes and it felt formulaic. Hugh Laurie is an excellent actor and Dr Gregory House is a bankable character but the show seems to follow the predictable notion of the eccentric but wonderful doctor solving the puzzle that baffles everyone within his vicinity. It's like an old school detective series. Whatever about my particular perks when it comes to TV shows, I think it's an absolute disgrace if the DEA interferes with fictional works.

    In the (translated) words of Voltaire: "I disapprove (ed: I don't actually disapprove of House as it's relatively watchable) of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
  8. Sven99
    More than just a bit ridiculous. House clearly has flaws, and suffers negative consequences from his drug use. His addiction and the way he deals with it are a massive part of his character.

    Since the character is quite heavily based on Sherlock Holmes, the drug use has if anything been toned down and made more politically correct - House is an opiate addict who, at least to start with, was in chronic pain. Holmes was a recreational cocaine user.
  9. Motorhead
    House is a great character, and although the addiction part of his character made for a great sub-plot and was the source of laughs, he still is one sarcastic, funny motherfucker.

    Researching a blog post the last couple of days I stumbled upon this. Apparently the government has been influencing network television scripts for some time. This is from a wiki article on the 'Office of National Drug Control Policy'.

    Government as Scriptwriter

  10. podge
    It may be true but it does sound a little paranoid to me. I thought the point of the pain going away or being "managable" was that it was always meant to be managable but he had convinced himself over the years it wasnt due to his vicodin addiction. Even if it is true and government does have a say in drug portrayal in the show.... the old episodes showed house tripping on LSD - with no ill effects, getting ketamine treatment which eleviated his pain temporarily and treating a patient with magic mushrooms for cluster headaches. So if people are looking for an overall message towards drugs from the house writers - it seems to be reasonably realistic so far. Lets wait and see how drug references continue from now on i suppose.
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