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  1. chillinwill
    A man is believed to have died after taking legal high meow at his home.

    Friends of John Sterling Smith, 46, who were partying with him at his flat in Arundel House, The Drive, Hove called an ambulance when he fell suddenly ill.

    His friends tried reviving him and paramedics continued to give him CPR but he died from a cardiac arrest before he could be taken to hospital.

    Detectives investigating his death believe he had taken the drug mephedrone, also known as meow, miaow miaow and MM-Cat in the hours prior to his death.

    If Mr Smith is found to have died as a result of taking the drug, it would be the first meow death in the country.

    Detective Sergeant Steve French of Brighton and Hove CID said they were investigating whether Mr Smith died from an overdose of the substance, which is sold legally on the internet as plant food for as little as £11 a gram.

    DS French said: "We believe that meow may have been involved, but whether that was the cause of death or not we don't yet know.

    “We think we have found something that looks like meow and we have sent a sample of a substance found at the address for analysis.

    "Two people who were at the flat with him were arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs.

    “Meow is currently not illegal to take and we don't whether what effect anything he may have taken could have had.

    “His death may have been the result of an independent medical condition, something brought on by the drug or an overdose.”

    Emily Walker
    February 13, 2010
    The Argus


  1. EscapeDummy
    So, in an article about a mephedrone-related death, they interviewed an intelligent doctor, a seemingly responsible officer, did not leap to conclusions, got their facts right and generally followed the principles of good journalism?

    The Mayans were wrong; the apocalypse apparently starts on Feb. 13, 2010 :cool:
  2. dyingtomorrow
    They ought to do a news article EVERY TIME someone dies from alcohol, that way people could get some perspective on the matter.
  3. gonegrowin
    No shit man. There would be a newspaper dedicated to just alcohol related accidents and fatalities. Throw cigs in the mix too.
  4. Abrad
    How could he keep a straight face while uttering that statement?
  5. blink1989
    Lets face it.. if a man died from getting hit by a bus 2 days after taking mephedrone, Our brilliant and proffessional media would say ' Man dies after taking Deadly Legal High Meow'

    Yet still for every time this happened 15 People would Drink themselves to death and it would go unreorted... Im not saying mephedrone is safe, but our Media is grossly Biased and really should not be believed anything they say on this subject.
  6. TheWhiteWidow
    People die every day as a result of smoking and drinking which are both perfectly legal and these incidents never make the papers, But when one middle aged man dies suspecdedly as a result of taking 'Meow' we need to make it illegal?
    Hmm... seems like an odd logic to be honest
  7. whitenoise
    You are hearing more and more about the dangers of mephedrone and honestly the media should be reporting on it. I would like journalist to be more responsible with the facts they report on the issue, but lets be honest it is dangerous and those dangers need to be more respected by users.
  8. Goldenticket
    My 19 yr old Nephew has spent the last two days in hospital after collapsing in a club after taking mephadrone. He is currently stable but is being kept in for observation.

    This was a new drug for him but he had used cocaine for at least 3yrs with nothing more than the usual come downs.
    The low price of Mephadrone and the fact it is being heralded as "Legal" has led to it catching on like wildfire.

    I agree that the media should report on it, only responsibly.(sadly sensationalising sells papers) but we shouldn't be blinkered if serious health risks are highlighted. It's better to be well informed and make your choice based on this. (like smokers and drinkers etc)

    I think that the less experienced recreational drug users, misinterpret the word legal to mean safe, and this can lead to a severe lack of caution when regulating intake. (I'm convinced this was the case)

    This misconception does need to be highlighted, as there are thousands of inexperienced youngsters out there, chomping at the bit to get a taste of this (as they think) "Safe legal high" and it won't be long before that will lead to more reasons for media frenzy.
  9. johnnyyen

    doubtless his years of training and experience have qualified him in the art of making an utterly useless and vapid statement...
  10. stilzer
    I'm not going to go into length about this man dying in Hove,
    but a few facts that the newspapers have not reported should be know, obviously i can only state things in a certain way on here,
    I personally knew this person , although was not present on this day, or involved in any activities ,but it is a sad event for me,
    although the newspapers and police and stated that mephedrone was found, there were other substances taken,
    the most likely method of use of mephedrone was intravenously, and even knowing this person, and sad at the events that have led to his death, this was a very dangerous and stupid activity, we still wait the report to state if mephedrone was anything to do with with his death,
    but whatever links they say, it is only a small factor in what happened although will be used to try and make it illegal.

    i hope they find it had not connection, as whatever happened that night, he was a lovely guy and i would hate him to be remembered for this
  11. kimotag
    The problem for the more sensationalist end of the media is that people just don't believe them when they say how dangerous a substance is because they know that previous drug scares (eg. Ecstacy) were way out of proportion to the actual dangers! Why would anybody believe them over Meph?
  12. chillinwill
    Man from Hove dies after taking legal high mephedrone

    A man from East Sussex has died after taking the legal drug mephedrone.

    John Sterling Smith, 46, suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in The Drive, Hove, in the early hours of 7 February.

    Police said toxicology tests showed Mr Smith had died from mephedrone poisoning. The drug is sold legally over the internet as "plant food".

    Two men, aged 35 and 40 and both from Brighton, have been arrested on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs.

    They have been released on police bail until 5 May pending further inquiries.

    Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nicholas Smith, 19, died in Scunthorpe on Monday after taking mephedrone along with other substances, including alcohol and the heroin substitute methadone.

    Mr Smith's inquest is due to take place on 27 May.

    March 18, 2010
    BBC News
  13. chillinwill
    Hove man killed by legal high meow

    The death of a man in Hove was caused by the legal high meow, police have confirmed.

    Toxicology tests revealed last night that John Sterling Smith, 46, died after being poisoned by the drug, which is available legally on the internet for as little as £11 a gram.

    Mr Smith, who worked at Marks and Spencer in Chichester, suffered a heart attack after taking a fatal dose of the drug.

    He was found dead at his flat in Arundel House, The Drive, Hove.

    His death is the first in Britain to be proven to have been caused by the drug, known as mephedone, meow, miaow miaow or MM-cat.

    Mr Smith’s brother, businessman Roger Smith, 51, from Shropshire, last night spoke of the family’s shock.

    He said: "I had no idea he would even try this kind of thing. We were shocked that he died so young, but even more so to find out how he died.

    "As far as I know he would not have taken an illegal drug.

    "This stuff is legal so people make the mistake of thinking it’s safe. I hadn't even heard of it before but why anyone would experiment with a chemical that is supposed to be a tomato fertiliser is a total mystery.

    "If anything at all good can come from John's death, I hope it can be a warning to anyone thinking of trying it - just don't. It could kill you.

    "Sadly, people will try it as long as it's legal, whatever the risk. The Government needs to ban it, urgently.”

    Two men from Brighton, aged 35 and 40, were arrested at Mr Smith’s home on suspicion of supply of class A drugs on the night he died. They have been bailed until May 5.

    Emily Walker
    March 18, 2010
    The Argus
  14. Finn Mac Cool
    My mate died from taking large doses over a prolonged period, he also had a massive heart attack.
  15. John Doe
    Those two statements are so at odds with each other it's hard to believe even a blood sucking journalist could write that article if there was any indication the man was a fan of pharmacology...

    How large were the doses and how was he consuming it? Is there a newspaper report we could put on here with the rest of the Mephedrone health articles?

  16. chillinwill
    Inquest due to take place into Hove mephedrone death

    An inquest is due to place into the death of a middle-aged man after taking the former "legal high" drug mephedrone.

    John Sterling Smith, 46, suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in The Drive, Hove, in the early hours of February 7.

    Toxicology tests confirmed he had taken the drug, known by various names such as meow meow on the UK club scene.

    Sold over the internet as plant food, the substance was made illegal last month after being blamed for a number of deaths and is now classified as a Class B drug.

    It has similar effects to amphetamines and can cause temperature changes, heart palpitations and paranoia, according to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD).

    Other side-effects are said to include headaches, psychosis, weight loss and insomnia.

    Two men from Brighton were arrested on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs in relation to Mr Sterling Smith's death but have since been stood down from bail without charge.

    The inquest will be held at Brighton County Court from 3pm.

    Emily Walker
    May 27, 2010
    The Argus
  17. chillinwill
    Mephedrone death man had injected four doses, inquest hears

    A middle-aged man died after being injected with four doses of the former "legal high" drug mephedrone resulting in the second highest ever concentration of the substance experts had ever recorded, an inquest heard today.
    But pathologist Dr David Wright, who conducted a post-mortem examination on John Sterling Smith, said it was "unlikely" that this alone killed him as he was also suffering from severe coronary artery disease.

    The 46-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in The Drive, Hove, East Sussex, in the early hours of February 7.

    An inquest at Brighton County Court heard that Mr Smith, a part-time sales assistant, was also HIV positive, suffered from chronic renal disease and high blood pressure, and was an insulin-dependent diabetic.

    The hearing was told he had spent the evening at his home with two men, having sex and injecting themselves and each other with mephedrone.

    Christopher Sarson said he saw Mr Smith suddenly fall on to his side and he realised he was having some kind of seizure.

    He said: "It was as though he was trying to breathe. We knew there was something wrong."

    Mr Sarson said the other man, Ian Turner, rushed outside to call an ambulance while he started performing CPR on Mr Smith.

    He had to wipe blood away from his mouth which he believed had been caused by him biting down on his tongue.

    Mr Turner told the inquest: "I saw that John's lips had gone purple. He was gargling and he was trying to - he appeared to be clutching his chest."

    He said he believed around an hour had passed between this happening and when Mr Smith had taken his last dose of mephedrone.

    May 27, 2010
    The Argus
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