How do I deter slugs and snails without using chemicals?

By Mirage2018 · Jul 12, 2001 · Updated Oct 18, 2018 ·
  1. Mirage2018
    Copper strips that extend an inch or more below and above the soil line will keep out slugs and snails. The copper band generates an electrical charge that is large enough to deter slugs.

    Make sure you inspect perimeters daily, remove any leaves or branches over the copper band as snails and slugs will use this material for a bridge to cross the copper.

    Please note copper bands have sharp forums, you can prevent accidents to children or pets by simply folding the visible forum with a pair of pliers.

    If you have problems obtaining copper strips then try this method contributed by: Sterling

    Take a few inches of copper wire out of an electrical flex. Twist this around your finger so it forms a coil of 2/3 turns.

    Pull it apart slightly so the threads are overlapped and tangled to form a more complete barrier.

    Place this around the bottom of the main stem leaving plenty of space for growth.


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