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How I stumbled onto this place

  1. Tiona
    When I first stumbled onto this site, it was searching for the effects of mixing a couple of drugs I know well but didn't know how they interacted. I read a bit of it and enjoyed this place!
    So I was like - What the hell, I'll sign up!
    ...My Cellphone's Chrome and Default Browser both decided they were not going to cooperate with signing up on this site... balls.
    SO I just set it aside and didn't think about, next time I ended up stumbling here on yet another google search. Again I tried to sign up, because I actually found something I wanted to reply to!
    Well I managed to get signed up but I couldn't reply still, I don't know if it was the cell or this site or both.. I was denied till I verified my account I think it was? The thing was my email didn't want to show me the msg from THIS SITE and I couldn't find it until I got on my laptop like.. 3 days later?
    I love this site yet I have a big issue about the donations and the way it is run.
    Someone shouldn't have to pay 3.50 a week for a good subscription to keep their perks! In my case it was a lil over 4$ (Well I don't use Euros I'm in America ffs). They should make a base donation that people can keep all their perks. Yeah I *guess* the year donation is ok BUT honestly I wouldn't donate 60$ for 1 year. I figured I'd donate a little cus technically I am very broke but I also want to help. That and I wanted to check out the features for donations myself.

    So far it's ok, I'm gonna surf the site and see what else is open to me ^_^ Who knows, maybe next month I'll donate enough for a months subscription if I like it :D



  1. perro-salchicha614
    I remember the first time I stumbled across this site. I was doing some research for my opium-themed novel, and I couldn't find information about traditional smoking anywhere else online. I was convinced that it wasn't possible to smoke opium anymore (and that this novel was inevitably doomed to failure as a result), but after several months on this site I've realized how wrong I was. :D

    This site, and the interactions that I've had with people I've met here, have really changed my life for the better. I hope you'll stick around, and welcome to DF! :)
  2. Tiona
    Ty and yeah opium isnt Dead by far xD I had to let go of some friends who started on that crap and i never thought I'd see a person claim opium is better for you and more ok to do than any other drugs (excluding marijuana and alcohol n nicotine). Preceeding sayin they wanna smoke it again soon badly. I told them if they got that addicted mentality from their 1st time there is no way it could be good for you xD. I hope that your Novel hits the best sellers :):thumbsup:
  3. Cwb20022
    Have you seen some sites that allow advertising? There terrible. Ads everywhere. This site runs on donations. But there not required. I've been a member for over a year and only donated once. I wish i could donate more. But addiction says otherwise. But I've always enjoyed this site as i see it.

    I think its a great site even if you don't donate. The "perks" are almost like a thank you for supporting the site. Not necessarily buying the upgraded features.

    Welcome and i hope you enjoy.

  4. beentheredonethatagain
    If the server and hosting for our forum came to us at no cost then I would agree with you, but of course they are not free or cheap.

    Its a lot like having a home and sharing the cost among the people that are living there, I couldn't say to the landlord " you have no reason to be asking me for money to cover my part of the rent "

    We have it even better than that because we are here free of charge , with the incentive to donate .

    How would you do things if the bills were in your name?
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