How much pleasure can you stand: Part II

By bhonkers · Jun 7, 2013 · ·
  1. bhonkers

    When you look out over a sea view and notice the clear blue sky the sun warms your body. The crashing waves and sea birds calling.

    If you imagine being on that beach, or if you wish you can choose some other setting in your imagination, how does it make you feel.

    Why I ask is that the feelings you derive are not from the scene but from the meaning you attach to that scene. For some it will be a relaxing feeling like being on holiday, for others they may be very happy that the sun is out and it's warm enough to wear light clothes. Then there are those who have genetic differences that make sunlight very dangerous for them. This scene may scare them. And some would look around and notice the litter and moan about it but not pick any of it up.

    Everyone's reaction is unique even though the scene is the exact same for all.

    The amount of information that your senses are able to pick up on in your current environment is phenomenally massive that it would be overwhelming for your conscious mind to be aware of it all. So the mind filters it by distorting, deleting and generalizing the information to a tiny amount that you can be aware of at each moment in time.

    The information we are aware of is unique to every single person and is based on the way you process incoming information. Just like the beach scene, you may believe a sunny day at the beach is utopia and your brain will let you notice that utopia. Believing you don't like the sand and the sun is too hot and you are stuck in your mind thinking, "did I leave the gas on?" will certainly create an entirely different reaction.

    Each person uses their beliefs and their expectations. Their rules and values that are unique to them, to give them the data they are aware of and how they respond to it. They take the sensory data and add meaning to it. Is that meaning correct? Hmmm, I'm not sure, but you have the ability to make any meaning of a situation you desire, so rather than having the right meaning, you instead have the most useful meaning that gives you the feelings you desire.

    And where to feelings come from? The brain and the entire nervous system with their many neuro chemicals and what not, respond to scene and act in similar ways to what they did in the past. This gives us our kinaesthetic experience which again is unique to us all as we have all evolved slightly different from ever other human (not sure so much about identical twins).

    So if the feelings are not dependant on outside events then that means we can generate any feeling we desire despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. If you're glum and down and don't think you can laugh then do some laughing yoga and after a little while you'll discover, as long as you play along, that you'll find your laughter. A tip for when you do something wrong and would normally get pissed or angry or frustrated or upset, then laugh instead. When we laugh we are far more likely to keep going and give it another go until we do it right.

    What feeling do you want to be in right now?

    How about happiness? Now that the information you have just read gives the learnings and understandings that feelings come from the inside and not from the outside, you can find the happiness inside of you and let it shine.

    If you try to do this consciously you may find it a little bit of a struggle. You don't know consciously how your neurochemistry functions to reach the state of happiness or have conscious control over that system. But your unconscious mind does. You've done happiness before so you know what it feels like.

    So, take a deep breath and relax... get comfortable... feel at ease... maybe even close your eyes... and communicate with your unconscious mind to put your into a state of happiness. Believing and having faith in your abilities is essential because if you have any doubts then you are communicating your unconscious mind that you may struggle and since that other mind believes everything it is told, it may think that it will struggle and then end up causing internal conflict.

    What does happiness feel like? What does the world look like when you're happy? How does music sound when you are happy? You can even think of a very happy memory as if you where in that situation right now.

    How I do it is to, at first, get into a state of certainty that it will work. It's inevitable (This gets easier and stronger each time you succeed). And then I say in a very convincing tone of voice, "I'm happy.. I am!... that's my reality.. I'm happy right now" or similar and quickly I'm feeling happy. It's that simple. There are other ways to do this, maybe you have your own, and lots still to be created.

    What is very important is that I am expecting the feeling to come from my unconscious mind. I'm just setting the direction. The other mind takes me there.

    So say to the other mind "*AMPLIFY!!!* in a tone that has so much power that your amplifier goes up to 11 (Spinal Tap for those not in the know).

    Another one is *INTENSIFY!!!* with the most intense of tones.

    The more you practice these things you will have more control over your states of consciousness.

    I woke up this morning with a bit of crappy mood and physical state. I said, "No, I'm going to be happy, I'm going to enjoy this moment, I'm going to have a good day, It's going to be amazing!!!" and my entire mindset and attitude was changed and has had me in a good mood ever since.

    So find the state you want.. direct your unconscious mind to access that state so you move into it right now... once you have it AMPLIFY it and INTENSIFY it. DOUBLE it. Multiply it by 1000 times.

    Everything gets easier with practice. If you are trying to convince your unconscious you are happy but there is a struggle as a little voice in your head says you can't do it or your not good enough or it's not possible.. then you need to relax and go deeper. The more you fight it the more you get stuck in a struggle. Take a deep breath and believe it's going to work this time.. if it doesn't then laugh because you know you're going to get it eventually. Laughing makes it fun, a game.

    I've seen hypnotists bring females to orgasm simply by shaking their hand after giving them the suggestion that the handshake will induce the orgasm. Now that goes back to the start of the blog and it's not the scene or situation that creates the feeling but what you believe that event will create in you. How many people get orgasms when shaking hands? They would say you're crazy for saying "handshakes make me orgasm", or they would take the chance to put out their hand and say, "hi, I'm bhonkers. Pleased to meet you."

    It's not who you are it's who you want to become. And the choices are limitless.

    Be well.

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  1. Buzybee
    Wishing wishing I could be more articulate and clever but Bee can only say thanks for the positivity Bhonkers! You made us smile down aus way and that's great! Hey what about love is the drug! Keep up the good work we appreciate it! From bbee!
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