How much pleasure can you stand?

By bhonkers · May 23, 2012 ·
  1. bhonkers
    Think of a time when you were on a substance and the pleasure was off the chart amazing. From a personal point of view MDMA stacked pleasure onto pleasure onto pleasure... ever on upwards. The thing is it never got so powerful that I couldn't stand it any more. And I wasn't even sure if there was such a limit that could be reached.

    Well a few nights ago I realized that there is a limit where I had to step back and come back to my senses as the thought of my pleasure becoming any more intense got me thinking that my entire being might just explode.

    There are people out there who just have to experience a feeling and they can double the intensity by merely deciding to do it. They can then keep on doubling this intensity to any strength they desire. I had heard of these people in the past and now I'm one of them. I can take a feeling of pleasure and wind it up so intensely that I have to stop at the risk of going over the edge.

    The word 'pleasure' in this case is a noun. It is just a label to describe good feelings. It gives you no other information about the state and to someone who has never experienced it before they would struggle to make meaning of the word. Everyone's pleasure is unique to them. We can say to someone we have feelings of pleasure and the other person understands but they only have their own subjective experience of their own pleasure to go on. This might be very different from what we are experiencing and if we were to try on their experience we might call it something else entirely. But using this simple noun we can seemingly share experiences that people can relate to and make communication much easier.

    So what does your pleasure feel like? Ask yourself "What does pleasure feel like?" and imagine you are experiencing that state. We know that we've experienced it before on many occasions and in different forms so asking that question and then letting yourself be aware of the sensations in your body you will know when you have those good feelings of pleasure. If, when asking the question, you make the tonality of the word pleasure sound orgasmic then this will increase the power of getting into that state. We are more likely to respond to the tone of the words rather than the words themselves. If you say pleasure in a screechy panicky tone your experience will tend more towards panic than pleasure. Singing a soothing lullaby in a quiet and soft tone will have a much more soothing effect. Even if you use the words to Bat out Of Hell but keep the tone as that of a lullaby it is more likely to put someone at ease than screaming loudly would. So ask yourself what pleasure feels like and experience it. Another way of finding your pleasure is to ask "How pleasurable can I feel right now?" and put all your awareness on your body sensations and feel those good feelings.

    Another way to access your pleasure can be to remember a time you had a laugh with friends or family. I was on the phone to a friend the other night and when I remember back to some of the stuff we were talking about that I've not thought of since the call it brings a smile to my face and the associated good feelings. You can induce good feelings in people you know by directing them to a good memory. "Remember that time such and such did this and that and how we couldn't stop laughing?" They will go inside their minds and find the memory and you'll notice the smile start to spread on their face. The tonality you use will increase the effectiveness if you express those good feelings in the words you say. We do this in natural conversation.

    With these techniques you have created a good feeling for no reason whatsoever. This could lead us to the idea that the outside world has no bearing on our inner state but it is our interpretation of the events in our own minds that create those states. So then we can pick and choose the states we want at the times they would be most useful.

    What if you lived in a magical land where the wise old wizard cast a spell on you so that every time you woke up in the morning you got a rush of excitement for the day that lies ahead? Living in this other world we may be more susceptible to the wizards magical words and the spell creates this new reality for us. What has been described in the last few paragraphs is like a magic spell that can change our state to the one we want simply by desiring it.

    Increasing these feelings is kind of like when someone tells you a funny story. At first a smile spreads across your face. Then you have a little chuckle.. by the end of the story you are in tears of laughter. It's something we do naturally and using the right spell as if Harry Potter has pointed his wand at you and said "doubleus pleasureus" and our feelings jump up in intensity. If he kept zapping you over and over you would be feeling pleasure at an ever increasing intensity and till you scream "Stop Harry or I'll explode!"

    So double your pleasure and keep doubling until you find your limit and can finally answer the question "How much pleasure can I stand?"

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