How to hallucinate with ping-pong balls and a radio

By chillinwill · Jan 11, 2009 · Updated Jan 13, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Hack your brain

    DO YOU EVER want to change the way you see the world? Wouldn't it be fun to hallucinate on your lunch break? Although we typically associate such phenomena with powerful drugs like LSD or mescaline, it's easy to fling open the doors of perception without them: All it takes is a basic understanding of how the mind works.

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    The first thing to know is that the mind isn't a mirror, or even a passive observer of reality. Much of what we think of as being out there actually comes from in here, and is a byproduct of how the brain processes sensation. In recent years scientists have come up with a number of simple tricks that expose the artifice of our senses, so that we end up perceiving what we know isn't real - tweaking the cortex to produce something uncannily like hallucinations. Perhaps we hear the voice of someone who is no longer alive, or feel as if our nose is suddenly 3 feet long.

    Text by Johan Lehrer, graphics by Javier Zarracina
    Boston Globe
    Posted On January 11, 2009

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  1. Alfa
    Please resize this, as it ruins the news page.
  2. RoboCodeine7610
    I think the best way to hallucinate without any drugs is through lucid dreaming and astral projection.I've had a few experiences with the latter but it is extremely hard to accomplish.
  3. TheMainException
    this is incredible! I've heard of this before, but never with good explainations and pictures. I need ping pong balls! (...and a they still make those these days? jk ha.)
  4. colonel mustard
    try a few hours of looking at online optical illusions

    or so we've heard
  5. tijaninpij
    To hallucinate Ping-pong balls is a great thing, as to hallucinate anything is great thing to, but... I prefer hallucinations of "10cmx10cmx10cm parts of dragons" ect. so if ping pong ball is great, one litter of dragon (1000cm3) is huge ting, especially when you see diferent parts of THAT dragon in diferent parts of (real) forest.
    Is there some just-cortical explanation? I think there is'nt for dragon.

    You get what i want to say?
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