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  1. GreenGrenny
    It requires only honesty, as it, itself is actually remarkably soft. Room temperature 27 degrees please and also you will need to provide the following interventions during waking hours:

    (available at most places Greeny goes....)
    3 g meeeeeaaaaow
    1 g ganjaman
    4 x kronenberg, cold
    1 x packet of camel blue straights
    2 x 10mg diazepam
    2 x 2mg lorazepam
    atmospheric dnb and jungle
    sensble pc and audio
    encouragement around eating, tea suggestions etc/ open to interpretation
    sexual partner (fuck horrible when you're stuck in the binge but Greeny's gal's gaaaaawn for good now... :(
    hybrid minds and spearhead records
    cheese on toast.

    Alternatively you can contact Greeny for some jeeeeetzzz and ze giggles as is normally in this position now.

    rrrrrrrright Greeny bombed best miaowage seen for a long time, taken Greeny off guard and doesn't know what to do with no girlfriend/conversation/laughter/fuckin abaaat/sex... uurrggghhh bike ride? Suggestions so much appreciated. Adios


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