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  1. Scloud90
    Theres more than one way to meditate, different means can result in the same conclusion. Its about mental preparation. Its kind of like drawing a blueprint, you're not actually building anything, but you are setting everything in place so you will be ready to construct that building.

    1.. Most people cant be alone in their thoughts, an experiment showed that most people would rather inflict self harm and shock themselves than be alone and have to deal with their thoughts. You have to embrace your thoughts, and find pleasure out of the reward of self-discovery, regardless of how ugly it gets. There is ugly shit in your unconscious mind, accept that it is there, and that other people have it too. They are just so insecure they cant reveal the details to themselves, if they did they would be broken. Pride yourself in your ability to accept reality and how you're advanced in your mental capacity.

    2... mental practice, putting yourself into a virtual mental infrastructure where you will play out your responses till you respond accordingly. One of my best epiphanies actually came from watching deal with it. In order to deal with my anxiety as I watched this show I put myself in these contestants shoes, and froze up everytime I wouldnt be able to continue out of embarrassment. I realized it wasnt about focusing on the problem, but the solution.

    Instead of worrying about what was happening now I took it out of my mind and focused on the outcome of receiving a reward, money, and having the details revealed to my friend who was involved in the incident. All would be fine in the end, so why let my thoughts destroy the means to the end?

    Meditation is not about how it is perceived in movies parodies and etc.

    Meditation is about focusing your mind.

    It can happen in a variety of ways, the way that works for you is the way you meditate. It is as simple as that. Some of my best moments meditating was simply me walking outside in the fresh air and trying to focus on how life was great and beautiful, despite the fact I thought it wasnt.

    Let me give you an example of how you can focus your mind.

    I am proud of the fact that I am a drug addict.

    How could I possibly be proud of an experience that seems so intrinsically negative? I accept the fact that it is negative, but try and derive as many positives as I can from the experience. Being addicted to meth was not pleasant, but what it did for me was help me to understand that even after the reward system in my brain was lit up like a christmas tree, I still had the power to control myself.

    Even when I didnt know what to do, good came from it. The reward pathways in my brain were lit up like a christmas tree, and I overcame it. I may not have been able to overcome it some of the time, but I still did at least one time. I knew what it meant or felt like to be in control, so I remembered that mind state for later. Even if you stopped using your drug of choice for only one day, you still overcame insurmountable odds. If you focus on positives such as these, it balances negativity that is intrinsic to some our natures.

    Now anytime you feel in control remember what you feel, and how you think. Then when you feel out of control, repeat to yourself, even though sometimes I am powerless, I know what it feels like to be in control, and meditate on that mindstate. In no time I guarantee even if you dont achieve the power or control you want, it will help on some long as you believe it to be true of course.

    here is part 2

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  1. Happyhairbrush
    Thank you! Just about an hour ago I was thinking about meditation and how I really want to do it more often but it's so hard for me to get to that place and quiet my thoughts. Funny that I randomly came across this entry at the bottom of a totally unrelated page here. Lately I've been learning just how very beneficial it is and I really want to do it but I feel I get lost in the information and get very frustrated. .
    When it comes to actually doing it I get even more frustrated because I can't manage to clear my head enough or calm my thoughts. I get caught up in wondering if I'm even doing it right
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