How to meditate part 2 (mood control)

By Scloud90 · Feb 13, 2016 · ·
  1. Scloud90
    I already talked a bit about how to meditate in regards to preparation. This style of meditation is a state of mind you get into to communicate to your unconscious mind in order to influence it. This next piece of information on meditation is going to be a lot easier to grasp on a simpler level because it's not the cliche meditation where everyone thinks of someone sitting Indian style closing their eyes.

    This type of meditation involves thought control, thought suppression, and environment selection. Your mood is influenced by what you do, who you surround yourself with and how your thoughts are managed.

    Let's take a look at how we should manage our thoughts first. We always start with thoughts when talking about meditation because that is what everything starts as.

    Thoughts are fleeting, our mind and mood are controlled by which thoughts we dwell on. Anytime you experience positive thoughts or even just anything that makes you smile. Write about it, think more about it, expand upon it, and be it!

    Anytime you experience negativity delete it, even if that involves simply thinking the word delete or erase. Superimpose positivity upon it. Such as smiling to fake happiness. Surprisingly faking emotions can potentiate or even produce them.

    Happiness will produce energy, allowing you to be energetic enough to achieve your goals.

    So obviously when we think of environment we want to surround ourselves with people and things that make us smile, laugh or enjoy ourselves. We are constantly responding to stimuli, producing thoughts involuntarily. We can then use these responses to use a reactionary form of meditation. Instead of spending l day trying to psych ourselves up, we put ourself in a situation where we are likely to laugh or smile then we potentiate and expand upon those thoughts to create a long lasting energetic and euphoric natural mood.

    Meditation part 1

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  1. TFrankle
    Good couple of posts here buddy, very good tips on harnessing a powerful tool to help manage addiction.
  2. Scloud90
    Thanks a lot, and thanks for reading.
  3. SeattleCDMX
    Everything starts with thoughts....yes. At first it seemed a blessing/curse, these thoughts images incomplete downloads, from a sandstorm of rapid abrasive thoughts to a empty cavern, my mind dark & numb without even an echo to commiserate with...all in the blink of an eye ( if said blink was sustained long enough for me to either consume or else suffer lack of consumption.

    Thx, THANK YOU for the reminder that our thoughts > plans > actions promoting positive energy is the most powerful weapon and resource one could ever need to get going, forward upward upright whatever. I'm aiming for the challenge of achieving and remaining vertical in a few hours...small goals, and just a thought away from action, impending reality :)
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