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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    HSE warning over head shop product

    Forty reports of severe adverse reactions to a new head shop substance called “Whack” have been received by the National Poisons Information Centre in the past 10 days.

    The HSE tonight said users of the product had suffered a range of symptoms including increased heart and breathing rates, raised blood pressure and anxiety.

    At least seven of those treated experienced psychotic episodes which the HSE said was severe and proving difficult to treat.

    The majority of those affected were young men in their twenties, almost half of which presented in the mid-Western region.

    The Government last month introduced a twofold strategy to limit the range of products available from head shops.

    The policy involved an updated list of banned drugs with sentences ranging as high as seven years to life for possession and supply, and fresh legislation to prevent the sale of other, newly-created substances invented to get around existing laws.

    Among the substances banned were synthetic cannabinoids, BZP derivatives and mephedrone. Gardaí said that of the 102 head shops that were open before May 11th, about 36 continue to trade and are being monitored.

    Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern last week said head shops would be put out of business for good under the Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Bill.

    The HSE tonight said people should not “try this dangerous drug or other similar substances as the effect on an individual can impact significantly on one's health”.

    Fine Gael health spokesman Dr James Reilly said the Government’s “piecemeal approach” to the problem of head shop drugs continued to leave people’s health in danger.

    “I have been calling from some time to action from the Government to stop these drugs before they hit the shelves by insisting on Food Safety Authority of Ireland or Irish Medicines Board approval of any item for consumption,” he said.

    “It is not good enough for the HSE to advise people not to take the drug. It is high time the Government got its act together on a co-ordinated action to ensure they are not available.”

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010,



  1. Coconut
    Re: HSE warning over head shop product

    Actually, it is good enough, and this is exactly what the HSE should be doing, as well as providing comprehensive data sheets on all recreational drugs so people can make informed decisions. Through the power of magic I will wipe the political euphemisms from Dr. Reilly's statement. Observe:

    Probably a "hahaha" in there somewhere too.

    This élitist scumbag can fuck off.
  2. ForzaIRL
    Re: HSE warning over head shop product

    People will continue to act like idiots as long as they are treated like idiots in this country.....the first priority should be identifying the severly physically harmful "legals" through testing research etc. and banning them, then regulating anything else.

    its naive to assume none will get in to the country so that assumption should be the starting point, incredible to believe a country with so many science graduates should be so slow to identify chemical make ups of active/available RCs and have to resort to indisciminate blanket bans.......

    and as for people who have misjugded/underestimated and suffered from these RCs they should be pointed in the direction of a forum like this to learn about whatever substance they are taking because anything else is irresponsible......
  3. Alfa
    Re: HSE warning over head shop product

    They can't police it. Drugs are available worldwide, regardless of what level of policing is involved. The only difference made by the level of policing is what groups profit from drug trade. Ireland seems to make a clear choice that they want paramilitary and criminal gangs to profit from the trade in drugs.
  4. ForzaIRL
    Re: HSE warning over head shop product

    Well the simple fact that at least 3 head shops (that i know of) were firebombed in dublin since christmas testifies to the hit organised crime was taking....

    swim for one would rather deal with a regulated seller (like an off licence type) than most other outlets swim now has to use for unsold RCs. this country is knee jerk at best and the government missed a real and unique opportunity to involve itself with the niteclub goin reacriational user (especially considering the hit and miss quality of cocaine in dublin) and do some good about it. instead the media once again influenced what could have been a watershed moment in european drug legislation....shame on easily led politicians
  5. John Doe
    Re: HSE warning over head shop product

    Major concern over new head shop drug

    The National Poisons Information Centre has received 40 reports of severe adverse reactions to a new head shop substance, known as WHACK, in just 10 days.

    According to the HSE, the majority of these individuals are young males in their twenties, living in different parts of Ireland, although 20 presented in the mid-Western region.

    Those affected suffered a range of symptoms including increased heart and breathing rates and raised blood pressure. Emergency physicians and GPs have described the majority as suffering from differing levels of anxiety, with at least seven cases experiencing psychotic episodes.

    "This psychosis is severe and is proving difficult to treat," the HSE said.

    It is advising people not to try this dangerous drug or other similar substances ‘as the effect on an individual can impact significantly on their health'.

    Last month, the Government introduced new legislation which brought under control approximately 200 individual substances, covering the vast majority of products of public health concern which were on sale in head shops.

    Further to this, the Minister for Justice is bringing forward the Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Bill 2010, which aims to ensure that the sale or supply of substances which may not be specifically prescribed under the Misuse of Drugs Act, but which have psychoactive effects, will be a criminal offence.

    Meanwhile, the National Poisons Information Centre, the Forensic Science Laboratory, the Irish Medicines Board and others are closely monitoring the emergence of any new psychoactive substances, the HSE pointed out.

    However responding to the concerns over WHACK, Fine Gael's health spokepserson, Dr James Reilly, said the matter is ‘of grave concern' and displays the Government's ‘piecemeal approach' to this problem.

    "The warning is extremely serious, with 40 reports of people suffering adverse reactions. We cannot wait for the Justice Minister's promised legislation while such drugs are a clear and present danger," Dr Reilly said.

    He added that it is not good enough for the HSE to simply advise people not to take the drug.

    "It is high time the Government got its act together on a co-ordinated action to ensure these drugs are not available."

    Thu 10/06/2010
    Deborah Condon
  6. Alfa
  7. John Doe
    Has there been any analysis done on this stuff that anyone is aware of? Even with the terrible trip reports all over the place a popular Irish non drug related forum is awash with people still intent on taking it anyway - at least Mephedrone and Methylone et al had many positive experience reports on which people could base their decisions off of.

    The newspapers are like the boy who cried wolf. They screamed and wrote fictitious article after fictitious article and when people experimented with the drugs they realised the papers were talking horse shit. Now that there is a drug which looks like it could be damaging people nobody will listen… nice work.

    I'd like to be able to warn people away from it with something more than bad trip reports for reference as I'm afraid a lot more people may get hurt this time.
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