Huge amount of heroin seized in Yunnan

By BlueMystic · Jul 14, 2005 · ·
  1. BlueMystic

    Huge amount of heroin seized in Yunnan

    KUNMING, July 13 (Xinhuanet) -- The frontier guards in Ruili City of southwest China's Yunnan Province have cracked a major drug trafficking case, seizing 10,050 grams of heroin, said sources with the city's frontier defense brigade.

    At 21:30 on July 10, the city's frontier defense brigade was tipped by the local residents on a possible drug deal, and immediately sent out detectives to the informed site, about 400 meters east to the gate of the Jinyuan Hotel in the city.

    However, before the detectives could spot the suspected drug trafficker, a man suddenly dropped a carton in his hands and fled the site. The frontier guards later found 25 blocks of heroin weighing 10,050 grams in the box, but failed to apprehend the suspect, who was believed to have crossed the national boundary.

    Ruili is located on the borders of China and Myanmar.

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  1. enquirewithin
    It must have come from Myanmar (Burma) or Laos. I wonder where it was heading?

    Edited by: enquirewithin
  2. Woodman
    10,050 grams reads as if it was a truckload, but in
    truth it was only about 30 pounds of heroin.
  3. Sitbcknchill
    22lbs actually....but not anything near a truckload...still a pretty good amount though...I believe if I had that I would be dead....or have a shit ton of moneyEdited by: sitbcknchill
  4. Triple7

    No, there is also manufacture in China. Ruili is a bordertown in China
    to Myanmar. Golden triangle today isn't what it used to be, I'd call it
    the golden lambda and there is a halfmoon too, which I guess changed
    too. Yaba is said to be the $$ in Myanmar today. Myanmar is a weird
    country, the government used to sell arms to Khun Sa, who fought the
    government. His army was built from profits from heroin trade.
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