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Huge Cocaine Haul By Spanish Police

  1. buseman
    Spain's Civil Guard reported on Saturday that Spanish police have intercepted 2,666 kilos of cocaine from Colombia.

    It is one of the biggest drug consignments confiscated in recent years in Spain.

    The details of the operation were given at a news conference in Tenerife.

    The drugs were destined for Europe, and come through a traditional route from African used by smugglers of marijuana, but were intercepted in the Canary Islands coastal area.

    1,280 kilos of marijuana was also seized in the same operation.

    The Civil Guard said the operation against the smugglers took place in the Spanish cities of Tenerife, Melilla, Malaga and Almeria, and culminated with the seizure of the drugs.



  1. buseman
    SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, Spain – More than 2.6 tons of cocaine being shipped from Colombia were seized in a police operation that ended with the arrest of 10 people, including a Uruguayan and seven Spaniards, that confirmed police suspicions about a new drug-trafficking route linking the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.
    Details of the operation dubbed “Southern Sea,” rolled out by the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency, were revealed by that security force in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Canary Islands’ second city, at a press conference on Saturday.

    Lt. Col. Ricardo Arranz said that the operation took place in the Spanish cities of Tenerife, Melilla, Malaga and Almeria, and culminated on June 28 with the confiscation of 2.6 tons of cocaine, separated into 93 bundles, after the sailboat Lulu was boarded on the high seas.

    This is the biggest consignment of cocaine seized in the last four years, the government delegate in the archipelago, Carolina Darias, said, adding that the operation dismantled an international ring that was shipping drugs to Europe from Colombia and Morocco.

    Arrested in the operation were seven Spanish nationals, one Lithuanian, a German and a Uruguayan, the latter two members of the crew of the Lulu, which sailed from Tenerife on July 20 and on its fourth day at sea, some 500 miles from the island of El Hierro, picked up the shipment of cocaine – said to be “extremely pure” – from a mother ship.

    The documents of those in custody are being studied by police agents, while 118 bank accounts and a large number of credit and bank cards have been frozen, at the same time that four properties in Melilla and four in Almeria have been seized, altogether worth a total of 5 million euros ($6.2 million), Arranz said.

    The investigations were launched at the end of 2009, though at the time it was suspected that the crime ring only trafficked hashish between North Africa and the coasts of Spain, Arranz said, but later it was found to be organizing large shipments of cocaine by sea from South America.

    Agents discovered that the head of the ring and another member of the group went to Colombia for that purpose and contacted people “of known experience” in trafficking hashish on inflatable rafts.

    But on this occasion they bought in Tenerife the Spanish-flagged sailboat Lulu, which they fitted out for the long crossing.

  2. Terrapinzflyer
    jeez- if you use the advanced search to search for cocaine with prefix of spain in the drug news forum you will find there have been an alarmingly large number of seizures in the past months.

    Makes one wonder if they are lucky or if they have some unusually good intel...
  3. mickey_bee
    Spain is pretty much the biggest entry point for cocaine in Europe. After hitting spain it spreads further north and east, but the big shipments are almost always headed for spain.
    I'd just love to know how many thousands of kilos get through....
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