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Huge Pot Bust in Birmingham, Alabama USA

  1. savingJenniB
    View attachment 6251 Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies make what’s believed to be the largest bust of an indoor marijuana growing operation in Alabama history.

    The sheriff’s office SWAT team and narcotics unit made the bust Thursday night in the Kingston neighborhood of Birmingham at 911 41st Street North. They found what they called a hydrophonics system, where the plants grow in water without soil and intense heat lamps were used to simulate sunlight. They add that the set-up had the ability to produce over $1 million of high-quality marijuana every year.

    37-year-old’s Daniel Rosser (pictured far left) and Steven Sartino (pictured near left) were charged with Trafficking Marijuana and are in the Jefferson County Jail. Sartino is also charged with Trafficking Cocaine. Rosser is being held on a $1 million bond, Sartino is being held on a total of $2 million bond.

    Left to right, Daniel Rosser and Steven Sartino.
    The amount of marijuana seized has not yet been released. More details as they become available.



  1. fnord
    They were growing pot with microphones?!?

    Good find!
  2. savingJenniB
    Good catch fnord!
    Hydroponics = growing without soil!!

    Careful! You are starting to sound employable.
    What we all do without you, if you actually got a job?

    Always find it terribly ~ if not somewhat alarming ~
    at the grossly overestimated $$$$ value of confiscated goods.
    It's like these coppers are talking dick size and pounding their chests.

    Hate to ask but ~
    Would someone please rate this thread?
    This is my first attempt at starting a thread.
    Pop my cherry.
    Even one star is better than none! Thanks.

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