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Hummers to beef up police booze patrol in AUS

By tip, Sep 8, 2008 | | |
  1. tip
    POLICE will hit the streets in five custom built Hummers as part of a new assault on alcohol-fuelled violence.

    The vehicles will be loaned to Victorian police by Hummer and could be on the streets within five weeks.

    It follows another fatal weekend of late-night violence at city night spots, in which a 24-year-old man was killed in a brawl outside the Queensbridge Hotel and another man had his jugular slashed with a glass, the Herald Sun reports.

    Asst Commissioner Gary Jamieson said the Hummers would be used to try to increase the visible impact of police on the streets.

    "The idea of going to the Hummers is that it's about trying to measure visible impact so we've got to try to introduce something which might look different to our current fleet of vehicles," Mr Jamieson said.

    "We want to be visibly seen and we want to make sure the police out on the streets are recognisable and that we do reassure the public that we're there.

    "They are five (at) limited cost to Victoria Police ... it's the cost of fitting them out, decors and lights. The vehicles are being loaned to Victoria Police."

    Victoria Police is also considering establishing a
    CBD 'drunk tank' that would provide care and treatment to drunken youths who would otherwise be locked up in cells for the night. :laugh:




  1. PilL FreaK
    Wow, Hummers? It would look really cool if these badboys are patroling the streets!
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