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"Humorous" Texas Cop's Ebola-Tainted Methamphetamine Post Results in Arrest

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    GRANITE SHOALS -- A Texas police department said a hoax Facebook post about meth and heroin contaminated with Ebola was meant to be "humorous," but one suspected meth user missed the joke.

    The Granite Shoals Police Department took to Facebook Tuesday with a tongue-in-cheek post warning that local supplies of methamphetamine and heroin were contaminated with Ebola. "If you have recently purchased meth or heroin in Central Texas, please take it to the local police or sheriff department so it can be screened with a special device. DO NOT use it until it has been properly checked for possible Ebola contamination! Contact any Granite Shoals PD officer for testing," the post read.

    The department said in a follow-up that the post was meant to be "humorous," but at least one person missed the joke. Police said Chastity Eugina Hopson contacted police Thursday after suspecting that her methamphetamine could be contaminated with Ebola.

    "Our officers gladly took the item for further testing," the post read. Hopson was arrested on drug charges. The Christian County Sheriff's Office in Missouri posted a similar hoax on its Facebook page last week, warning that local meth supplies might have been contaminated by hepatitis or staph.

    There was no word on whether Christian County's post had led any members of the public to submit their meth for testing.

    By Ben Hooper - International Business Times/March 28, 2016
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. Kremmen13
    Way to go if you never want your Facebook posts to be taken seriously. Especially if there's ever an Anthrax contamination. Quite irresponsible.
  2. Diverboone
    Here is a copy and paste from the Christian Co's article taken from their FaceBook page.

    Christian County Sheriff's Office

    Like This Page · March 22 · Edited ·

    Breaking Information: Southwest Missouri Supply Possibly Contaminated with Hepatitis and Staph.

    Methamphetamine recently brought in from Texas, as well as the ingredients utilized to manufacture it, could be contaminated.

    If you have recently purchased, acquired, or made Meth in Southwest Missouri the Christian County Sheriffs Office is requesting you seek assistance. Other Police/Sheriffs Offices in the state have seen positive results coming from Meth screening.

    Our Office is stepping up as a screening/collection point. Please bring your Meth to the Christian County Sheriffs Office at 110 W Elm inside the Justice Center on the square in Ozark to have it screened. If a positive test is detected using our test ampules, a 100% safe collection will take place by our trained Deputies.

    DO NOT USE IT until it's been checked for possible Hep and Staph contamination!
  3. tatittle
    These small town govt's in the South are scary...I have nightmares of getting stuck in one of their counties on some bogus charge. You know you can/will be arrested for speeding many places and wont be released until you pay the fine in CASH! Its not unlike traveling through Socialist Germany.
  4. Fentiful
    This is the exact area I'm from and I can personally attest to the lack of professionalism, humility, compassion or humanity of many of the law enforcement officers in the area. I think "tongue in cheek humorous" posts like these from an "official" or position of "authority" are wrong, and would hope that a decent lawyer could find a way to at least get lesser charges if not outright dismissed.

    That being said, I try to find the positive in all things, and perhaps if this snare entangled someone that foolishly fell for it, while know finding themselves with a bigger problem on their hands, maybe it somehow saved them from a worse and very real risk or consequence, verses the bogus ebola, staph or other contaminant that was claimed.
  5. perro-salchicha614
    It isn't just that way in the South, tatittle. The small town where I used to live gets *a lot* of its revenue from speeding tickets. We have something called "mayor's courts" in Ohio, and they rake in a ton of money from stuff like that with little oversight from the state government. The cops in the town where I used to live are so corrupt it's ridiculous. It's no wonder nobody with any sense trusts them.
  6. tatittle
    There is a new initiative in North Carolina to give out tickets to people traveling as little as 1 mph over the speed limit. Cant fire any of the redundant people working in local govt you know...those positions need to be protected for life, and this is one of the ways they pay for that unrealistic "security".
  7. Diverboone
    Here's a snippet of an article that appeared in local news paper, afew years back, that's along those lines.

    "Henry, Tenn.- At the Henry Mayor and Board of Alderman meeting on Tuesday, board members decided to allow police chief David Andrews to institute a K9 program for the Henry Police Department.

    Andrews told board members that the city is missing out on possible revenues that a K9 would bring. He said when you make traffic stops and the driver refuses to allow a search, their hands are tied. If a drug dog alerts on a vehicle, its gives officers probable cause to search a vehicle for drugs or illegal proceeds from drugs. More drug arrests and drug, cash, and vehicle seizures lead to more revenues coming in for the police department and city."

    Sounds like the City of Henry wants a program of "probable cause on a leash". When this news report was released (Aug 2012) I did my best to forward a copy to as many Constitutional activist organizations as I could.
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