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Hundreds Arrested In Chilean Region-wide Drug Bust

By buseman, Jun 8, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    A drug bust carried out by Policia de Investigaciones (the PDI, or Chile’s FBI) in 20 different communities within the Region of Valparaiso resulted in 240 arrests and the confiscation of large amounts of drugs.

    Confiscated drugs were valued at, US$10,000, while stolen articles, watches, cameras, jewelry, cell phones and cash, were valued at US$20,000.

    Police said 505.1 grams of marijuana were seized, 198.08 grams of cocaine and 227.08 grams of cocaine paste.

    The Government of President Pinera has as one of its priorities the fight against crime and drug trafficking and in this sense we have a strategic alliance with police and Investigations Police, said Regional Governor Raul Celis.

    Of the 240 people arrested, 211 were men, 29 were women, and 12 were minors.

    TUESDAY, 08 JUNE 2010


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