Hydroponics crackdown by SA police

By buseman · Jun 9, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    Police have reported two people after an amnesty expired in South Australia on changes to hydroponics laws.

    They say there was a three-month amnesty for shops to dispose of potentially-unlawful hydroponics equipment or apply for a licence to sell such items.

    No-one has applied for a licence.

    Police say an audit of businesses in Adelaide's north-east has been completed and two people have been reported; a 40-year-old Highbury man who operates at Windsor Gardens and another, 30 from Wynn Vale, who has premises at Pooraka.

    About $5,000 of equipment has been seized, including heavy duty lighting, power transformers and carbon filters.

    Superintendent Barry Lewis says sellers were given plenty of time to prepare.

    The legislation's very clear and the provisions of applying for an exemption or asking the commissioner for a licence are clearly specified within the legislation, he said.

    I think their response was they hadn't taken advantage of it but ... now they'll be summonsed to court.

    Audits are still being done of other hydroponics businesses across South Australia.

    Wed 9 june 2010

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